Small Thing, BIG Recognition

Last Update: May 02, 2020

I was missing for a while, engaging life with one hand (analogy) for a three-handed job:-). That's the story I'm sticking with, okay.

Today I sat down and wrote an article and I finished it in between, going to the farmer's market, washing and packing away the produce, grocery shopping, recording a YOUtube video and just being present online with a friend that lost her mom a week ago.

It's a little thing (never done before), this I know but the recognition is BIG for me. Did you know that an ant can lift 5000 the weight of its body... I might be having an ant moment:-)

Have a FANTABULOUS rest of the Weekend

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Stanleycmng Premium
The strength of the ant is admirable... 💪🏼
Hamish58 Premium
Welcome back lovely to meet you 🧐
LMH1968 Premium
Great job you have done
JeffreyBrown Premium
You are definitely having an "ant" moment, Nicole! WOW!

Cheenzie Premium
multitasking and still enjoying the day:)
Nicole222 Premium
For real. How are you doing Chica? Enjoying the training.
Cheenzie Premium
I am really enjoying it. Just always wondering how far I can REALLY go with this lol