Change Your Mindset Written By A Christian

Last Update: July 26, 2015

Do you want to change your mindset? I'm guessing that because you are reading this content that you are interested. I am no expert, that is for sure but I know that I have changed myself and am still changing myself each and every day. It is a process, it will not happen over night or within a few days. But, if you are serious about changing how your mind is you will begin to notice things that you do or habits that you need to work on as each day passes.

A few great ways to begin changing the way you think would be to watch who you are surrounding yourself with. The people you are hanging around with are they positive people? Or do they complain a lot? Are they always negative? If they are always complaining about things and you don't hear much good things coming out of their mouths maybe you need to pray for them more often and step back from them. It is hard to stay in a positive mood if you are constantly listening to negativity. I'm not saying to never speak to these people any longer but maybe try phoning them once in awhile instead until you can be stronger to a point to not allow their negativity to get to you. The enemy (devil) wants us to be negative and will work through people trying to get us there. We do not have to let him win!

Another way to start changing the way you think can be to stop watching some of that garbage that you are watching on the television. This goes for also some of the garbage you may be listening to on the radio. Some movies or sitcoms we choose to watch on the television have a huge affect on our mind. Many of the shows may be encouraging adultery, drug use, lying, stealing and many other negative things. They may be making these things look popular and like they are okay to do because some of the celebrities may be doing these things or because our favorite actor is doing this. This is not good obviously and it puts negative thoughts into our head about ourselves, our spouse, our kids or others that are in our life.

When we watch certain movies or shows it is putting bad spirits inside of us regardless of how much we may like what we are watching and may think that it is okay. When you listen to music on the radio you have to be careful also because it can have the same affect as the shows that we shouldn't pay any attention to. I tried an experiment on myself for 30 days and it has helped me with my change. I wanted to try listening to only Christian music for 30 days, no other music. Well, it felt so good I still listen to Christian music now. I used to listen to very different music that was angry and not good for the soul. I never thought that I would be listening to the music that I am listening to now. If you want to start changing I dare you to try this experiment and see where it takes you. There were days and sometimes still are days where I feel down and blah but, when I turn on a Christian station and hear such an uplifting song , it feels so good and often changes how I was feeling at the beginning. Jesus wants us to have minds like Him. If we want to be happy and have joy in our life we must try to renew our minds. If you are interested in more ways to change your mindset or you just want to read more of my writings check out my site.

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