Understanding Links

Last Update: June 10, 2014

Everyday we hear about links and using links and linking programs, but do we really understand the word "link" ?

What does linking mean to you?

Do you know what a Telephone is?


Our grand parents did not know what a cellphone is or what wireless connection is, they had to communicate by writing letters and telephones. Doing mailing that would take days to arrive at its destination. Phoning someone you had to dial their number. These phones had a arm with a mouth piece and hearing piece. This is connected with a wire to the control panel with the dials. You had to press the buttons to be able to dial. Once you dialed a number a long wire going from your phone to the outside of your house and then to a pole. From here the wires could run for miles and miles connecting with different people.

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ChappyK Premium
I have one of those phones that have a cord
NickWild Premium
Hutcho, IMN, Mary, Thank you for the comments guys! Did you go to the link I gave to read more about the links?
IMN Premium
Yes, followed your link. Good information. Thanks.
Hutcho Premium
Hi Nick, thanx for the simplified explanation.
IMN Premium
I am just now learning about links. Thanks. This was helpful.
marijaku1 Premium
Impressive Nick,i love these kind of engaging articles :-)