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Last Update: June 14, 2014

Think for yourself! When people search for something on the internet, what search words do they use? Its impossible for you to know exactly what to use because there is just such a vast line to look for. So when you want your pages to rank in the first page of Google, its more about the title than the keyword.

This graphic show your Google search page

So take your page, read it through. Then ask yourself if I was searching for this on the internet what words would I use to find this?
Lets say your page is about dog food then your title search are going to be something like "complete dog food - Like nature intended"

So now you take the keywords - dog, food, best. Keyword search say "what dog food is best"
This just means that you can interact with these words in various ways, that is why you need keywords.

You do not want millions of people to come to your website, you want potential buyers to come to your website - in other words you want people looking for dog food to come to your website because they are going to buy from you.

Now that you have the right title and keyword and introduction paragraph, it still does not mean you will rank in the first page of Google. What you need is rankings from Google to put your page on the first page of the search page. There are millions of people using the internet for searches everyday and there is millions of pages to search from, so for Google to get the best results they need the best pages to rank first.

How do you get rankings? Traffic, the more traffic the better ranking.

Get traffic by comments to your sites, Advertising, writing page, word of mouth, emails, ecs.
This is how you get to page ONE of Google
Title - paragraph - keywords - ranking.

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boomergp08 Premium
Nick, you do realize that the image you are using of the top 3 selections of dog food are not webpages on Google page 1 because of rankings? Those are paid ads, which are noted by the "Ad" in front of the url.

Secondly you shouldn't waste time filling in the keywords meta tag because Google and the other search engines pay no attention to that tag anymore. As Matt Cutts of Google says in the below video, "you shouldn't spend any time on the meta keywords tag. We don't use it..."

You are correct in what you are saying about rankings and getting on Google page 1 but you do not need to fill in the keywords meta tag to accomplish that.
NickWild Premium
Thank you for the feedback Robert. I just used those as samples just to show where what goes because some people do not understand it yet.
On my WordPress page that is the place where I need to put keywords. When I write a page it only show a snippet on the top, there is nothing else. The Meta tags are much lower on my page and I do not even touch it.
Or am I confused there by the Title and Meta Tags?
boomergp08 Premium
Yes, underneath the WP editor window it shows a snippet of what someone will see in Google when finding your web page or post. Then under that snippet there should be 3 blank spaces that you should leave blank, unless you need to manually change them which I just recently blogged about.

No matter whether you manually change the snippet or you leave it alone you should never place the keywords into the keywords meta field like you are showing in your bottom image where you have dog, food, brand. That area should always remain blank.
NickWild Premium
Robert I removed that picture from my blog because its then completely false. So can I delete the content that I already put in those blocks on my pages or will it be major issues? I have filled those 3 blocks on all my pages.
boomergp08 Premium
It's not going to make any difference now. Just from now on do not put any keywords in the keywords field, leave that one blank.