My First Week

Last Update: May 04, 2016

Wow, my first week as a Premium member is almost complete, and I am just soaking in this amazing supportive community!

I have spent the first week observing and learning, taking in as much as possible. I am nearly through course 2, and have also almost completed Jay's recent live niche training videos.

Now comes what I think may be the hardest part for me. See, I am very methodical in what I do, always researching, studying, calculating, and making careful decisions. But, I know that what I need to do is get started and don't overthink it! I need to make some mistakes to grow my skills.

I have picked a niche that I am passionate about, and this next week I am jumping in feet first to try my hand at affiliate marketing. I am excited and nervous, but always buoyed by this community.

Thank you to everyone for buying into this system and community.

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MKearns Premium
Just followed you. It won't be long before you have a list of accomplished sites and blogs. Just follow the training and ask questions in the community.
Ecowarrior Premium
Sounds like you are on track here at WA. The lessons are great and the community is very supportive. Keep going onwards and upwards!
NickL88 Premium
Thank you for the kind words!
MPollock Premium
Nice write up, Keep moving forward. you are on the right path!
NickL88 Premium
Thank you!