The Heisenberg of Gaming

Last Update: June 11, 2016

I'm sure a majority of people reading this have seen Breaking Bad. If not, why not, you loon? It's a great show.

Anyways, for those who don't know, Walter White (the protagonist of the story) starts out with very small beginnings. As his ambition and hunger for success grows, he goes by the alias of 'Heisenberg'. Having evolved into this new character, he deviously plots to expand his empire and remove any problems in his way.

I feel like my website is kind of adopting the same life process. It's been almost a year now and if I had to compare it with Heisenberg, I'd say it's just about at the stage where Walter is starting to have thoughts of growing into this other 'thing' as a necessity towards, well... power.

The style of my site is finally starting to settle and I'm continuing to grow in exposure. The kind of work involved to keep this momentum going is growing too large for one man to handle. I'm writing game reviews, news and posting controversial topics in the gaming sphere... These are not short articles. And I'm also creating video reviews for each of the games so that takes even more time. Being full time at work, I'm sure you can imagine, the beast is growing too large and hungry for me to sate it.

So now, I need to figure out what my Heisenberg evolution is. What should I do next? I can't quit my job to do all the things I want to do here. The answer is simple. I need my own staff; good writers that I can trust and who will happily work for free. It's time to stop messing about with an 'every now and then' approach and start thinking about a website that dishes out content every other day at the very least.

<pinches bridge of nose, thoughtfully> So... 'I need a coder. I need a social network steward... I need more content writers'. I figure, it's just a matter of time before the next blog goes up and I tell you all about them.

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Labman Premium Plus
Wow, all that for free....good luck.
NickBanks Premium
Only way to keep going, really. It may seem like an insurmountable brick wall, but I need to bust through it. There's a lot of writers out there who want to write for the games industry and want the experience. Just need to do some digging is all...