Google Analytics Giving You Weird Stats?

Last Update: May 25, 2016

So here I am, having gotten in from work and having just finished recovering from last night's horrific episode of Game of Thrones and I feel the need to write. Figured it may as well be something of benefit to you guys, so today I'll be blethering on about Google Analytics.

For the longest time (probably around 6 months actually!) I had been using analytics in conjunction with my website at a very ameteurish level. I suppose I still am really. However, a strand of information that it was reporting back to me seemed super odd. More than half of my 'sessions' spent on the site were coming from Russia. Since my site is all in English and the fact that I doubt a large proportion of Russians understand English fluently, I thought something was up and on a huge scale too.

What on Earth could that lot want with my website, I thought. What could have to gain from it? While these questions, in the aftermath of all this, still remain unanswered, the only conclusion I can come to is that 'there's always gunna be an A - hole on the internet. I suppose, the amount of people online... that's a lot of barrels to have bad apples in.

The main reason I'm writing this now is because what I'm about to tell you is (much to my horror and surprise) ESSENTIAL in maintaining a decent listing on Google rankings and in maintaining stats that make logical sense. Dunno about you guys, but I need to present these stats to big companies; they need to be looking shiny!

To cut to the point - if you have unused plugins that are 'there' but not installed - that offers spam bots a back door way in to your site and will pop up in your analytics as referrals. Tutorials really aren't my style, but this fine fellow explains how to eradicate these pesky cyber rodents for a nice clean website all over again.

Super glad I happened across this tutorial as, already my stats are looking far more balanced. Still no where near where I want them but now at least they make logical sense. Take the time to go through this tutorial as I know your eyes just hopped right over that link there ;) Once you know what you're doing then you'll be like me!

Still amateurish at Google Analytics but now a bit more effective at blocking Russian, Republic of Congo or any other countries that may well have been quashing your Google rankings all this time!

Same as ever,

Peace and love to you all!

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caisaki Premium
This is something I should think about. I didn't know plugins can be a back door for malware or spammy software to get into your site.
NickBanks Premium
Me neither. I'm lucky I found that article originally. Considering how important this is, I'm surprised there isn't more discussion on it