Increase Your Website Rank By Using A Social Media Strategy

Last Update: December 04, 2014

Just because Facebook, Google +, and Twitter may not generate huge amounts of traffic to your website, their impact on your site should not be ignored. The major search engines use social signals from these platforms in order to determine how to rank your website.

How To Sell On Social Media

So how do you get the most out of your Tweets, Facebook posts, etc to raise your site ranking?

Simple, use a few best practices and post when your audience is online.

Remember social media moves fast. If you post something on Facebook at 1am and your follower logs on at 8am, chances are you are not at the top of their timeline anymore and they will never see your post.

Here are 5 tips to increase your social sharing

    1.You are more likely to get social votes when you share your URL on: Mon, Wed, or Thursday at either 9am, 12pm, 3pm, or 6pm

    2.Social Media users are 23% more likely to engage if you ask a question

    3.Add a picture to your post to increase your chance of engagement by 200%

    4.Asking for a social signal call to action; “like”, “retweet”, “+1” or “share” increases the chance of the person engaging by 400%.

    5.Social Media users love “Lists” and “How to’s”, you are 50% more likely to get shared with these types of articles

You really don’t need 1000’s of followers to create good social signals. You simply need to make the most of whatever audience you have.

If you aim to increase your website rank, but don’t have time to leverage all of the social media platforms, my best advice would be to focus on Google Plus. All of the data I have seen and read about indicate that this has the most impact on website rankings.

It is been found that just 100 Google Plus followers on a business page linked to your website can raise your rank by 15%

If you are interested in more social media strategies you may want to check out my blog article: How To Sell On Social Media And Not Sound Like A Deuce Bag or my WA article: How To Get Retweeted Like A Boss

What is your best tip for creating social signals?

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sathed Premium
Thanks for tips. I will try them in my Twitter account.
EzekielBS Premium
Something I haven't tried yet, but I'm going to over the next couple of days, is to use some of my fancy stationary paper and print my tickler question or call to action on it, then post it to Facebook. I've noticed that as I'm scrolling through my FB friends' posts that I'm more likely to stop and read posts done like this than those just using text to convey the message. Any thoughts?
Hello Bill
I like your idea I think if it is monitored over a week or two, the result will tell you how successful it was. however the idea is excellent---go ahead with your thoughts...good luck, and regards
EzekielBS Premium
This is something I've been doing for the past month, with fantastic results. I create a post on my Website designed and hosted at WA. Next I add a short tickler post to a page related to my website I created on Facebook, with a pointer link to my website post. And then the last thing I do is "Share" it "Public" on my Facebook Timeline. Later in the day or early the following day I send messages to my Friends to "like" and "share" my most.
EzekielBS Premium
The Tickler Post on my Facebook page, which is then shared on my timeline is a "Trivia Question".
FStanley Premium
NicheDown: I shared my url last night on Facebook for the 1st time, but failed to ask for response. Lessoned learned. thanks for your post, I started following you.
NicheDown Premium
Thanks for sharing, I still make the mistake many times myself, because Im just too focused and getting the link up.

In advertising they say perfect sales copy:
Gives a call to action and tells users specifically what action to take.

In this case you will find just by simply asking for the action will get much better results than not asking - click like, click share, click this link, etc...

Thanks for dropping by I wish you success with your business. I have a lot of social media experience and if I can be of any help to you please let me know,
FStanley Premium
I will be watching for more posts, thanks for the follow and the offer to help!