Throwin' it in their face!

Last Update: March 06, 2020

Hello WA community! The headline above is simply a overly-dramatic way of stating something that I learned a while back, and I figured i could write a bit on the subject.

I, like a lot of other online entreprenuers, work diligenty on my website presence almost every chance I get.

Also like a lot of us, I focused squarely on great content, making sure to SEO-friendly along the way.

And- No one was coming to see me!

I was ignoring one major factor- the internet is an enormous place, and growing every day! It's easy to get swallowed up and invisible.

Promotion is key to making inroads into your business, and letting people know who you are and what you're about.

I'm not talking about paid promotions, either. The free stuff goes a long way!

I started signing up for blogs in my niche, scouring FaceBook groups for like-minded people, and connecting with them.

Not in a "hard sell" type of way, either. I connected and tried to offer help, insight, and simple friendship.

Depending on your niche, there are countless places to find an audience that is currently engaged with your related niche.

Who knows? You may even make a friend or two, like I have here at WA!!

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RamiSociable Premium
Wise words Rob,
It is a lot more work, only like you I think the organic is a lot more valuable and longer lasting for those who are in this for the longer term!! Thank you for posting this!!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Rob, very true words in your post, my friend!
Ross57 Premium
Some really great advice, going to start looking myself

Thank you and have a great weekend

Palatia Premium Plus
Seems like a fun way to promote! Maybe once I'm full-time I can spend some time doing more of that..

enriquetrips Premium
I've thought of doing just that. How would we promote our sites though? Wouldn't that be considered spam?
niche-weekly Premium
Most forums allow a sig file, which usually allows you to add your URL. Depending on your niche, some forums even allow you to add full details about your website. Check the rules before doing so, however.
Offer enough insightful engagement, and people will look a the sig file and want to learn more. It may take a little while, but add this to a small daily or weekly routine of promotional routines, and you should start building some relationships and visitors.
enriquetrips Premium
That sounds very interesting. I'll look into that. Thanks!