Learning from mistakes

Last Update: March 06, 2016

Aww, this week I made a mistake. And I spend quite some hours on it. This was what went wrong:

I checked with the keyword tool the dutch phrase "Geld verdienen online", and that gave great results. It means "earning money online". I had a genius plan to make video clips instead of a website; If I make a website, I have to buy a domain, and it takes a long time before google crawls it and index it, while if I make videos on youtube it is instantly. That was my thought.

It turns out that the keyword tool maybe shows the searches in google, not in Youtube. And in Youtube people wouldn't search for how to make money online that much. Well, maybe in English language, but not in Dutch it seems.

And I am breaking my head at the moment. How can I get Dutch visitors to youtube. I start to be happy with 50 a day. I managed to have such an amount before on youtube somewhere.

I am trying twitter at the moment, instagram, facebook. I will update this post when there is some progress.

Ideas welcom ofcourse.

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rosieM Premium
Are you posting links to your video on the social networks? Don't forget to use a great attention pic! I noticed you didn't list StumbleUpon....do you use it? Do you post in appropriate FM groups? I am sure it is a matter of time....all things take time.
Newmediasupp Premium
stumbleUpon, I didn't came to it to use it, but now you say so, I will take a look. FM groups? I suppose you mean Facebook groups ? Yes, I did just a few, and it works, so I will keep doing that. Thanks for reminding me. !
rosieM Premium
oops...sorry about the FM and FB mixup.....been typing for a while and I think my fingers are trying to tell me something....hahahaha..StumpleUpon is just a way to get your info 'out there'; I was actually surprised to see it has a substantial user list....