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March 06, 2016
Aww, this week I made a mistake. And I spend quite some hours on it. This was what went wrong: I checked with the keyword tool the dutch phrase "Geld verdienen online", and that gave great results. It means "earning money online". I had a genius plan to make video clips instead of a website; If I make a website, I have to buy a domain, and it takes a long time before google crawls it and index it, while if I make videos on youtube it is instantly. That was my thought. It turns out that the k
February 22, 2016
Finally, I think I found something that is going to work. It is not easy to get attention out there, but indeed. It's quality not quantity in the most cases. I am into 3D graphic design, and tried that for a year before I joined WA.Then I joined WA and made a website about health products. To my surprise that gave more succes in two weeks, than what I did in 2 years. I was perplexed. So I decided to go back to my 3D with the knowledge I gained here, and I must say its maybe a bit harder than do
Business plan - Health products DealsI started to think about a good niche. First I wanted to do something in solarpanels. I still think that is a good idea for the future. So better start with that already! But I found it to difficult to find affiliate programs for this and sell solar products. So I decided to go for health products. KeywordsFor the site itself I didn't choose yet long-tail-keywords yet. No-one would type in google 'healty products deals'. And 'Health products online' is
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I am into 3D graphics myself, and I wonder if there is interest in a tutorial here. You can do it yourself with opensource software and use the graphics for your website. This way you can create consistency in your graphics. Like all picture have the same contrast, hue and colors. Or you can create graphics yourself when you cannot find it on the Internet. Using this software yes, has a big learning curve normally, but it doesn't have to be. So, let me know if you want to have a tutorial here
I did some calculations, and tried to be honest to myself. Didn't give me much hope at first, but then I thought about putting more eggs ( more websites than one). Did a recalculation, and I think it's worth it. The messages of the community is what's convincing me as well: Succes is not ONLY the money. !
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