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I'm always looking for different topics to blog about for my "make money online" niche website.So I scour the Internet for programs that claim to help people make money online, then when I find them, I research them and write reviews about them. My ultimate goal is to refer people to WA. So usually I compare those other programs to WA and pretty much nothing out there compares to WA. So once I compare other programs to WA I direct people here for a legitimate opportunity. I feel good about it b
Keyword research can actually be quite fun especially when you've found a nice hidden gem. I reserve a good amount of time to keyword research and one thing that I've learned is that a low competition keyword can actually be very difficult to rank for......At least for me. One thing that happens to me quite frequently is that I'll find a real nice keyword that has very low competition, like a QSR of 10 or less with an average of 100 or more searches per month. Looks great and from everything I'
One of my niche websites is pretty specific. Since it's so specific, there are a handful of keywords that are very valuable to me.My website would be very successful if I could rank on the first page for even just one of the handful of keywords that relate to my niche. I've written posts that target the main keywords that I would absolutely love to rank for but so far the best ice done for any of them is the 4th page. I'm wondering if I should write multiple posts targeting the same keywords to
If you've ever researched "Make Money Online" opportunities before then you've probably come across countdown timers. Countdown timers are the timers that websites use to create a sense of urgency in order to get people to rush into buying something. I've read a lot of other WA members blogs and they often call these tactics sleazy or too salesy. But the fact of the matter is that these timers do work. WHat I find sleazy is when the timer is totally fake. You know when you hit refresh and the t
Has anyone here ever sold or tried to sell a WA hosted website?Is it even possible? How do you transfer it all over? The idea of it is intriguing to me but I would know where to begin. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,Robert
May 19, 2016
I've been a PC user for my whole life. I'm now in the market for a new laptop and I'm considering getting a Mac.Does anyone have any advice for me on this? For an internet marketer is one better than the other or is it just personal preference? If there are advantages to one or the other please fill me in. Cheers,Robert
I just wanted to post about some progress that I've made here at WA. I like to post about this stuff for two reasons. The first reason I like to blog about my success here is because I'm really proud of what I've accomplished here in the year that I've been here. The second reason I like to post about this stuff is so that people who are new here or are just starting out can see that the training here really works. One year ago I had no idea what affiliate marketing even meant. Now I have two w
I've heard a lot of people talking about where they host their websites. I host all of my websites here at WA and I'm very happy with the service. I've heard a few members mention that they don't host all of their websites here. I guess I'd just like to hear about why you would host your sites elsewhere? Especially since we get so many free websites here with a premium membership. I'm assuming that there are some benefits to Hosting elsewhere otherwise nobody would do it. Cheers,Robert
I enjoy using the blog function here at WA but I also enjoy using the Question function. Quite often I have a question but I'm more interested in starting a discussion with as many people as possible than just getting one direct answer. In this case I use the blog function even though I'm technically asking a question. Does anyone take issue with me using the blog function to ask questions??
April 06, 2016
I've been paying a little bit of attention to the little bar that tells me how the health of my website is doing. You know the one WA shows you when you sign into your website. According to that bar, the health of my website would be much improved if I just had fewer plugins. I know that plugins Supposidly make the website load slower and therefore can affect rankings if there are too many of them. The problem I have is that I barely have any plugins. I have 5 plugins.......-all in one SEO -spa