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Last Update: March 08, 2011

I like many of you out there just had to do something about that thirst I have to learn about internet marketing, but more importantly succeed! I first knew about online marketing years ago when a friend of a friend I knew of had been doing this very thing! Not only did he stay home, have money to support himself and his girlfriend at the time, but also, eventually buy a house, and have all the toys, and time he wanted. I thought about it here and there over the years, but I just thought there was more to it than meets the eye. Now recently, months on end, to this day I had been researching looking for ways to make money online. When I came across WA about a month ago I was skeptical sure, but it appealed to me. They have everything you need under one roof is the thing that appealed to me the most. I just kept saying to myself it would be next paycheck until it was getting old, and then I saw the trial! So here I am! Just based on this first day alone, I am inclined to say I will be a long time member!! Anyway, then I went to work! lol

I decided after having gone to work to check my WA account and get into the lessons. To my surprise I had five buddy requests already! Great surprise! I have to say my first experiences here are very positive. As well I am into my first lesson, and it is going well. I did stop to take time to write this blog and just put myself out there a bit more, but I have completed about half the lesson! It is a bit of reading alright, but I feel pretty good about it, and intend to stay at it as much as possible. 

My first steps into this online marketing world give me hope for a better tomorrow. 




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annash Premium
Nice story Jon!
fcaparso Premium
Welcome! I am a few days new to WA as well. I can relate to your story, and I too will be a long time member here. In the last couple of days I have a few blogs up and going, and I'm working on going through the training and setting up my campaigns already. Good luck too you and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!
SuperG Premium
Welcome to WA. I'm also new 2 weeks old. I just watched a video that cleared up some basics about search engines and how Google works when it comes to keywords. I wish I had seen this video on day one, the guy does a great job with his dryboard illustrations. There is also an SEO guide next to it that I'm about to read. I kinda thought that they'd want money for me to read the book, but it's free to read right off the webpage. The video is about 15 minutes
IveTriedThat Premium
Welcome Jon! Good to hear you decided to take the steps to build something for yourself. Glad to have you onboard.