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January 29, 2020
Last week this time Koby Bryant was alive and well doing what he liked to do best ; enjoying life with his wife and four lovely daughters. This week,he and one of those daughters are no more with us. The end came so sudden and gave us no warning because as an athlete he was always in good health and still so young. On the adulation and tributes are coming in from all corners of the world ;we all behave as if we knew him- yes we saw him in action on the playing court and for some of us
I vividly recall my early days in school when certain things were absolute; one of them was truth. One reason to ensure a clapping was lying and back in my days that was no fun. The subject was so ingrained in you that whole class sessions were built around it.and these were lessons not only from the bible, but stories from the lives of men who lived in the not distant past. Lincoln. Churchill and Washington, just to name a few. We were even given what was then called "nursery rhymes" S
By this all my friends should know that I am a lover of life on the out doors. Just recently a flock of ducks took up residency in a pond on our property here in Florida. This really is no surprise ducks are everywhere in this state and just about every second home has a pond on their property, especially if its in the rural areas. What I admire about these ducks is that they came to stay and be family, you see we have chickens too so they wisely figured that if we can feed the chickens,
January 16, 2020
I recently went for a drive out into the suburbs of my community here in Florida and I began to wonder and in my wondering I happen to come across some beautiful brand new luxury homes that are being built.Just for the fun of it I decided to go inside and take a look.and they had everything that one can desire. There is space inside and there is space outside.The views outside is breath taking. Left a taste of lingering hunger for something akin to that in my mouth . Them I began to
January 14, 2020
Yes ! I am not talking about any ordinary human girl, I am referring to that young lady whom we all come in contact every day. Her other name is Word Press.When I first met her in the back office of my web site,I admired the way she laid things out and I thought we were going to understand each other;but boy was I wrong ! We went into so many corners and twist and turns, that after a while I found it hard to keep up with her. You see we are from different cultures and we don't even speak
January 12, 2020
There is a story I do remember and want to share with you all. When I came to America several years ago I was working in a drug distribution center,and I encountered a young boy who was working there. He was wearing a pair of sneakers that used to be white,but was now embedded in dirt. So one day while we were discussing his sneaker I asked him "mike can't you was it"? His answer taught me a lesson that I will never forget. He said "Do you know how long it took me to get it like this!thi
January 09, 2020
Hello every one by this you should know that i have a love for poetry .In fact some one much wiser than my self once said that "with, out a love for poetry the richest man is poor" and with that i heartily agree.So here is one of my favorits which i did not write An old man going a lone high way Came at Evening cold and gray to To a chasm deep and wide With waters rolling on either side 2 The old man cross inthe twilight
January 08, 2020
Recently while going through the lessons I came across a lesson task which ask me to write a blog or post hi lighting my Success so far and this I was very reluctant to do.;reason is I did not think my progress here is anything to talk about. After looking over everything I thought I should write some thing on the subject. Yes it has been famously said that money does not motivate any one well I beg to differ ;it does motivate me. Well what I would say it's not everything and that I
I went on vacation recently and this was one of the mysteries of nature that greeted my eyes. Something like this forced me to stop and spend some time wondering at the beauty of nature. The delicate petals with their curious formations and the different hues.makes me wonder at the mystery of Creation. I In a few days or weeks they will all fade and gone only to be replaced by leaves and fruit which will come forth with their own beauty. Then their beauty full leaves and fruit
January 02, 2020
Now that its all over, what do we do with our selves? Keep dreaming and wish its not so, or do we try to extend it a little longer?No that won't do even though it was just yesterday, we can't go back into the past and snatch it back to us, its gone and as near as it may seem next Christmas and New Year is nearer than what is past and gone. Our days are known not by what we say but more so by what we do. A glorious opportunity awaits us in this WA path; so let us go out with zeal