Dealing with Setbacks!

Last Update: November 23, 2016

All of us will deal with a setback, relating to WA or Affiliate Marketing, at one time or another in the future.

Case in Point

I recently wrote a rather long, lengthy 3 part article on Google Analytics ( I researched the keywords very carefully, wrote the article so that the keywords would be reinforced in the article, and struggled for a total of 15 hours on the 3 articles to ensure that I covered every aspect of Google Analytics for beginners.

Unfortunately, to this day the article has yet to gain any traction, in the search engines, for the keywords I selected.

It's a setback that I am struggling with now because I thought the article was well written and would surely get ranked.

The article, Google Analytics, was indexed right away. Probably within 8 hours of publishing the article. The issue is; when you search via google, based on the keywords I researched and reinforced in the article, my article does not come up in the search results... Anywhere!

In Summary

It's easy to provide solace to others that experience setbacks because it's not happening to us. However, when a setback happens to you, you realize just how impactful the setback is to your progress.

Setback's occur as a learning step, if you experience a setback, then go back to the training and repeat the lessons to see if there is something that you missed so that the next time your setback will not happen again.

And most importantly, remember when you console others about their setback's;

It could happen to you too...

Be mindful of others issues and setback's and when consoling them put yourself in their shoes. Above all, reinforce the need to continue on and use the setback as a learning experience.


I am very happen to announce that my article is gaining traction in the search engines, but not for the keyword's I was targeting!

My article is making it's way to the first page of google for the keyword "Measuring visitor engagement with Google Analytics". I'll continue to monitor it's progress and hope that the search engines see the value in the article and begin ranking it higher.

In the meantime, I could use some Comment and Feedback LOVE for the article too!

I'm still retaking the training on Keywords and proper article composing to target selected keywords... It's a learning process!

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GayleneNepia Premium
Thanks for sharing Doug, Pleased that your article is now gaining traction, so keep up the great work.
networkceo Premium
Thanks for taking the time to read the article.... Hope it gave you some ideas or direction.

To OUR Success!
JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for sharing
networkceo Premium
You're Welcome!

To OUR Success!
MKearns Premium
We're all in the soup together here. It can happen to anyone.!
networkceo Premium
In the world of Google, you should always expect the unexpected... That is my motto!
AriefWibowo Premium
You should use SiteComment or the comment thread for this.

Good job on your work!
networkceo Premium
I most likely will post the article to the Comments Needed Thread. This is a self hosted site due to the need for custom plugins that WA does not allow.