Made My First $300 As An Amazon Affiliate

Last Update: Jul 27, 2020

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I'm super excited right now, I've been gone for a minute due to the fact I didn't have the money to renew my WA account, waiting on my unemployment benefits to kick in, was really taking it's toll on me cause I really want this to work.

Let's fast forward to last night, I renewed my account and I get woke up by my bank's notification, and it has Amazon Service deposited $330 into my account at 5 a.m.,baby, I was trying to figure out what was going on and I had to investigate is this. Like, what's really going on. Checked my Amazon affiliate account and there it was. Nothing but years fell from my eyes, cause all the hard work that I was putting in to create some great content and blog that's easy on the eyes, clean organized and fun.

This truly have given some perceptive that what I've been doing for years I'm getting paid to do. Something so small, easy and simple can bring in unlimited revenue, just sharing products that you use and love with fellow like minded people. Sharing your thoughts, opinions and knowledge of whatever you're passionate about with brands that you love - not knowing that you're making money for these brands based off your recommendations. Now being able to get paid to do that as an affiliate is brilliant.

This makes me want to work on my blog even more and with a more powerful desire to bring content that's coming from a passionate woman who loves what she does and being of service to my followers with being honest, fun and consistent.

To anyone that thinks this is scan or a just a quick get rich scheme, I'm here to tell you that it's very much the REAL with real results. Can you get rich, you must certainly can, but you MUST DO THE WORK, LAY THE FOUNDATION AND KEEP BUILDING AND GROWING.


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I am in a similar position, feeling despondent because I may have to discontinue my membership on August 8th, but your story has encouraged me to carry on with the work until the end, and then, when I eventually return, maybe I too will get a nice little surprise from Amazon

Congrats, Nichole!!! That is awesome news!
Wishing you continued success.

Thank you

Congrats lady!!! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing!! Much love!

Thank you...I'm shocked myself

Congratulations Nichole. $300 is an amazing amount.
All the best for the future. Jim

Thank you, yes it's a start

Thanks for sharing this. Very encouraging. How long have you been with WA?

Thank you, keep at it, only for a month

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