Internet Wayback Machine: For Improved Conversions!

Last Update: September 10, 2018

The Internet Wayback Machine... Could help you improve your conversions!

Have you ever changed a post, or a review multiple times over the months and years... only to realise over time, that you're getting less sales/conversions from those posts than you used to?

Well, the sensible thing would be to always note down absolutely everything you change. Because, sometimes the most minuscule change can actually change your results dramatically.

So I have discovered on many occasions.

However, if you have not noted down those changes, there is an alternative.

That is, you can check your website in the wayback machine online and see how your reviews were in the past.

The wayback machine, (which you can find with a quick google search) is a digital achieve of the World Wide Web.

At present, you can search 336 billion web pages saved over time.

You won't always be able to go back to the exact month you need. It all depends on when the wayback crawled your site and if they've crawled it at all.

But I have personally found checking past data against previous posts quite interesting!

It's also interesting to check out how other blogs and websites looked in their early days.

As an example of something useful.... You could find out that you got way more conversions from a smaller amount of traffic in the past, when your CTA's were totally different.

You will be able to check how your post looked in the past and use it to improve your current conversions.

There is a lot to learn from the Wayback!

Anyway, just thought I'd share. :)

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Nat,
This is interesting!!! Thanks for sharing this with me!!

Tried and True

NatNiches Premium
You're welcome Elaine!
MKearns Premium
Time is involved in the crawling action. Yes, it can be way back!
NatNiches Premium
AlexEvans Premium
Thanks for the reminder Nat, it can be so useful, Like the way that you use it.
NatNiches Premium
Thanks Alex! :)
Juliako Premium
I have enjoyed using The Wayback machine for fun - but this is a really useful great idea!
NatNiches Premium
It's really interesting and a good one to remember! :)