To Thirsty Affiliate Users

Last Update: December 23, 2016

Just checked one of my affiliate networks and it said I only had 2 clicks yesterday. When I would normally be getting 300+ a day recently.

Then checked some of my links and they went to a 404 error!

I was able to fix the issue but lost a potential couple of hundred dollars over the last couple of days.

If anyone else is using Thirsty Affliliates and haven't checked their clicks recently it might pay to do so.

This is the link where I found the instructions to fix the issue if you are having the same thing. My links are working again after following the suggestions on this page.

Hope this helps anyone else who also have this issue.

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Numerous Premium
Just an FYI, there's a program called Screaming Frog that will scan your entire site and find any 404 errors. I use the free version and it works great.
nathanpall99 Premium
Thanks for that. I'll check that out