Easy Website Idea: Book & Movie Lists

Last Update: October 05, 2020

Lists are a super easy way to get traffic to any webste in any niche. People want to know the 'best' of any topic. Very often, when creating a list, you'll discover that there are ways to divide, and subdivide further than you thought, as you become an expert in the topic.

For example, I really like Sci-Fi movies, and for a while, I was watching 1-2 sci-fi movies every day. Pretty soon, I ran out of movies I really wanted to see, and had to do research to find movies I hadn't heard of yet.

So of course, I went to the internet and started searching. Naturally, I searched for my favorite kind of sci-fi movies: zombie movies.

My first search was best zombie movies

Of course, that turned up famous zombie movies like George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

Of course, that movie set the stage for almost every other zombie movie for decades to come, so from there, I searched for best George Romero zombie movies.

Then best black and white zombie movies.

Then best independent zombie movies

After a while, I got tired of all the art house stuff, and started searching things like:

best zombie movies 2012

best zombie movies 2013


One of my all time favorite zombie movies was 28 Days Later, so then I searched for

best zombie movies with fast zombies

best outbreak zombie movies

best british zombie movies

Of course, as I got into British zombie movies, I found Shaun of the Dead, so I searched for best comedy zombie movies. Suprislingly, there are a LOT of comedy zombie movies out there.
All of this is just what I personally know and remember off the top of my head. I'm sure there's a lot more specific things which a true horror fan would search for. Plus, this is just about zombie movies, and we haven't even gotten into "true" sci-fi, with aliens and time travel. You could really go down the rabbit hold with this stuff.

I Think A Book & Movie List Website Could Be Really Successful!

Books and movies go hand in hand IMO, and when you really get into something, you want to know EVERYTHING there is about it. For example, right now I'm reading a lot about Bitcoin, and once you get into Bitcoin, then you start reading about Austrian economics, global monetary policy, then the history of money, then the history of government, and it keeps going.

I think you could build a website which just created lists of sci-fi movies or books. Or maybe date night movies. Or maybe trashy romantic novels. Or kids movies. Or Christian media. Or bedtime stories.

So many options out there.

Though Amazon doesn't pay much for book referrals, I'm sure there will be many jumping off points where you could promote larger items related to the niche. There's always a way to connect things if you get creative.

Plus, at the end of the day, with display ads like Adsense or Mediavine, you can always make money without selling anything at all (as long as you have traffic)!

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JKulk1 Premium
You never cease to amaze me Nathaniel. Thank you for your continued, amazing advice
Just one thing though. I also am a SciFi/ fantasy fanatic, but I prefer books as they are deeper then most movies and there's far more of them. I can read a book and become part of the story. It's as if I am actually experiencing it.
However, I am saddened that today horror movies have been lumped in with the Scifi genre. I hate horror movies.
All the best. Jim
Isaiah14 Premium
Excellent Idea, Nathaniel - especially with so many different genres to chose from.
Hollshope Premium
Great idea!
jghwebbrand Premium
The man with great ideas!

You are so good at coming upp with new ideas.
Thanks Nathaniell,
nathaniell Premium Plus
I hope you can use them for your sites!
jghwebbrand Premium
You just added a comment below that has made me think twice about the value of doing lists like this. "The Lists are Evergreen"
PhilMiller Premium
Thanks for this! :) I'm currently trying to build a site related to film and I'm in the process of doing research and had this same idea about lists since usually, people want the 'Top 10' or 'Top 20' or whichever type of film or show. It's quite overwhelming but I'm getting there. I'm assuming one of your sites is related to lists of films? If so, I'd love to get recommendations or any advice you might have.

nathaniell Premium Plus
Over time, after you write 100 or 200 of them, you'll be glad you did. This is very much EVERGREEN content, so your lists will last forever.
PhilMiller Premium
Thanks :)