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A few years ago I joined an affiliate marketing offer that looked like a good opportunity.It was basically free software that could be installed on a computer and smartphones and paid you for the data that was mined.I used Jaaxy to do some keyword research, and it really was wide-open.There was zero competition.So I decided to make 1 review blog post and 1 video about the offer.Just like I thought, the content hit page 1 of Google in an instant, and it stayed there for a couple of years.I proce
Affiliate marketing can be tough, and it takes a while to get the hang of it. The industry is saturated with experts and bloggers who don’t offer enough help to newbies and experts alike.It is also easy to get flustered with shiny object syndrome. With the myriad of new things to learn about, it's easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis.In this blog post, I reveal the 2 most important buttons to making this affiliate marketing business work for you.The more you press these buttons, the be
My sister has been engaged in her studies at Purdue University for a while, and just recently graduated, and became a Licensed Dietitian.While she was in school she started a healthy eating blog about her journey through the numerous dietitian internships she has taken over the years and even publishes several healthy recipes she came across.Because of her passion for this niche, she had been approached by a few companies who asked her to promote their products on her blog.They offered to compe
After finally wrapping up launching my next product, I finally decided to pivot and get serious about lead generation with WA and building my email list.It's awesome to think that I have the ability to show all these new members how awesome the Wealthy Affiliate platform is.If all goes well I should be able to generate thousands before the year is up!
Most of the keyword tools I recommend and use cost money, either a one time investment or a monthly fee. But one of the best ways to get keyword ideas is actually by using a couple of FREE tools that Google provides.These tools are called:Google Search ConsoleYouTube StudioBriefly, I will explain why they are so helpful, and how you can use them to rank your content for hundreds of keywords.Why Are These The Best Keyword Tools?Most keyword tools are helpful because they pull in data from severa
October 01, 2020
Yesterday evening, I got an email from Noble Samurai that they will no longer be supporting the Market Samurai keyword tool after March 2021.Effective immediately they have ceased to let people purchase the product, and all affiliate links will no longer be active.Although there are several reasons for Noble Samurai to do this, it mostly has to do with the fact that Adobe is abandoning its support of Adobe AIR, which is the platform that Market Samurai requires to run.This put the nail in the c
I've been super busy with my job over the last 3-4 months.I remember work getting so crazy, I wouldn't get home until 7am to 8am in the morning, only to get 6 hours of sleep and go right back into work.Fortunately...I was able to save a lot of money, and paid off about $10,000 in debt, in just those few months. Part of that was being able to pay off my car in full.Although I couldn't find the time to work on my blog and other content assets in that time, I still managed to gain several affiliat
May was a very interesting month for the analytics on my web properties. I don't know if it is because many people are stuck at home, or what. But here it is:I saw a total of 17 conversions this month into various affiliate programs. 1 recurring Wealthy Affiliate commission. My conversion rate was quite a bit higher than it normally is.As you can see my Website Hits and YouTube views grew substantially since when it bottomed out in February. I don't think I can pinpoint on what exactly is drivi
I launched my very first course on Udemy and I already have more than 850 people enrolled in the course. It has only been about 36 hours since it has gone live.This experience have been a positive one, and has made me realize a few key takeaways from the experience I got from creating and launching the course. I want to share them with you today.Courses Are A Form Of ContentJust like your blog content, an online course is a type of content that you can use to help create passive income for your
I've been learning about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, and content marketing for a decade now, and there is something spectacular I've realized.It takes about 100 hours of practice and study to become 90% proficient at a skill set. But an additional 500 hours to close-in on that remaining 10%, to get to 100%.People who are interested in starting an agency and serving clientele should be aiming to become 100% proficient at their trade. That's great. You can definitely make a siza