A month already here.Time flies so fast

Last Update: August 31, 2016

I've joined WA a month ago. But it sounds like it was yesterday.

Unbelievable how time goes faster when you are busy doing so many things.

Quick background

Well, before giving some feedback regarding my progress here, I must mention something first.

I am not totally new about affiliate marketing. Actually, I have first been introduced to the concept in 2007 but really flirting with it in 2010. Like a lot of us I run after shiny programs that promised to make you money as soon as you plugged in. I lost quite some money because I didn't go very far.

However, for other programs, I did learn a few stuff and I rather saw it like investing in myself.

Also, I even had a coach (based in the US) for my online business but got stuck at some point. Then lost contact. Don't ask me how but it happened! Strangely enough, I am still on her mailing list...

Anyway, as I don't like to be a victim, I continue searching a way to make money online. There are so many ways to make money online...

I signed up with 2 MLM, eventually gave up because I've never liked this business model. But, I've always preferred affiliate marketing.

Then, I bought Google sniper from George Brown and I did get results. I made some money but not enough to live from.

But later on, the system didn't work very well because of Google changes.

Anyway, I never lost faith in online marketing so I continue searching until I found WA.

Finally, the feedback ;)

My progress

So far, I have a blog with 11 posts and a few comments (ok, I asked a relative to visit my blog and leave comment to help me out. Lol)

I thought I would have more articles but got caught up by my duties of being a mother of a quite active toddler.

BUT, I don't want it to be an excuse so I am fighting hard to make this project works. I've decided to make it works. So, every minute is an opportunity to log in or write a bit.

By the way, the system at WA is very handy, everything is in one place (rapid writer, log in to my blog, etc). And thanks to smart phones, I can work everywhere and at any time.

Regarding the course...

I am only in level 2 and lesson 6 but some tasks are not ticked yet. I did watch a few videos from further level but my intention is to continue in the order.

What I like with WA

What I like is definitely the solidarity of the members here. We can really sense that we are here to help each other. I like reading success stories from members. It really motivates me to move forward.

Also, by being part of a community such as WA, I feel less lonely. Because, online marketing is a very long process and you can quickly get demotivated specially if you don't see much result. And that was one of my problems.

Anyway, with time, I learned to be patient. And being part of WA help me a lot to be not only patient but consistent in my action.

Finally, in one month I managed to start a new project where I feel I can work seriously on it and on a very long term. Also, being part of WA helps me to grow personnally.


Ps: sorry for the long text. I didn't realised I had so much to say! :)

Feel free to visit my site (wisemom40.com) if you wish and don't be shy to leave me a comment as well. Thanks in advance for reading this blog.

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happyjo689 Premium
I would say you already inspire me Nathalie, having an active toddler too and by your determination to really succeed. I think many of us have been in that been there, done that journey when it comes to the quest to make money online. So let's get going, going till we climb the top of the ladder.
BTW, I enjoyyed reading your blog so just keep going dear!
NathalieJG Premium
Hello Jo, very kind of you. I really appreciate your time and kind words. You are a mother as well and you know it's not easy but we have to keep going. We will get there. Let's motivate and help each other. Good luck for your journey.
MKearns Premium
Yes. time flies when you are busy having fun!
NathalieJG Premium
Seriously! :);
Thanks for dropping by.
JudeP Premium
All the best pushing forward Nathalie :)
NathalieJG Premium
Thanks Jude.
JohnA78 Premium
Hi Nathalie. It looks like we're in the same boat together. I'll turn a month old on Sep 2. and I know the time really does fly!

Little ones sure keep a parent busy, but don't worry, the time you do spend on training and building your website add up like compound interest.

One day, maybe sooner than you think, you will wake up and realize that you have created something that has provided you with financial freedom and it will all be worth it!

Congratulations on sticking out the first month and I look forward to reading about your second month, too!

Best wishes to you and yours,
NathalieJG Premium
Hey John. You're right. That's why I don't want to give up.
Thank you for your kind words.
Congrats to you too for surviving the first month.
All the best.
Cat1574 Premium
Time does fly! Welcome to WA and happy to have you!

I like the solidarity too. I've been in some type of online business for 6 years now and have had a lot of interaction with other groups. I love this one the best because nobody comes off as a know it all or rude. It's the best community I have found. Good luck on your endeavors! Cheers!
NathalieJG Premium
Thank you. Indeed, the community is great here.