Level 2 of the OECC completed. Work in Progress

Last Update: April 18, 2019

Hey, Everyone !

Hope you are doing great with your daily routine and feeling wonderful !

I want to take a minute and let you know about my progress thus far !

I have finished Level 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and I am very exited to dive into the next level! I have managed to accomplish this by now in only 5 days after going Premium and I want to say it wasn't so much difficult for me. Mainly, because I get to know Wealthy Affiliate long before that and I went through Level 1 of the OECC many times, as well as was reading constantly different blog posts that were available to me as a Starter Member.

I have created a website in the bodybuilding niche.

Have a total of 4 posts written and published by now. I know the niche I have chosen is very competitive one, but I am trying to not be afraid of competition and follow Kyle's advice on that.

Writing my first articles took me around 5-6 hours each. I think that is normal as I am just getting started as a blogger. Hopefully, I will impove my writing skills over time and reduce the time alocated for writing articles.

To be honest, I am very unpatient about progressing further. After completing each lesson I can't wait to proceed with the next lesson and the next level. I know I have to take it step by step and do not skip any of the lessons or tasks.

For the coming three months I want to set a goal of creating and publishing at least 3 articles per week. It is hard for me, although, to set goals for six months. I would like to see myself and my progress after three months and then, hopefully, I can get a clearer picture for six months goal setting.

My general feeling about using the Wealthy Affiliate platform is happiness and joy. I was looking for this kind of training course and couldn't find it elsewhere. It proved to be exactly what I have learned about the platform while being Starter member. So glad to be here !

Sending my best wishes to all of you,


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Babou3 Premium
Really great progress!
Keep working so well you will
get there.

Have a nice day!
CPapin Premium
I follow the course and perform each task at WA; it's good to listen to Kyle's advice; I did not care about anything else; and what to see, google indexed me very quickly, are on the front page, positions when 4, when 7 lol
and bing indexed me; I learned a lot at WA; my advice is to have patience and follow courses first and to make quality articles; and I'm on a niche where the competition is immense

works seriously and the sucess will surely come;
all the best for you
Natalia777 Premium
Hello, Carmen ! It seems you have done a great work with your website. Can you share how quickly did you get indexed ?
JaneMahlehle Premium
You are progressing well. Great job!
EMusumali Premium
This is encouraging.