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March 23, 2020
Hi, dear WA members!Today is another milestone to mark with my WA journey. It has been a year since I have decided to seriously work on creating my own online business. When I look back a year ago, I can see how many things I was able to learn here at WA about internet marketing. I don't think I could stand it to learn on my own without all the support we are lucky to have inside this wonderful community. Thak you for supporting and helping me everytime I post a question here!I wish I could wor
February 16, 2020
Hello, dear Wealthy Affiliate Family!I hope you all are doing great?A notification just poped into my sceen saying that I am in the Top 200 here at WA, and here I am, sharing this quickly with you, guys.I know it might sound too ambitious but I want to say that I hope I can become an Ambassador soon, as I wil do my best to continuously learning here at WA. I also know that there is a lot of work to be done until then, so without wasting anymore time talking here, I will better roll up my sleeve
Hello, Wealthy Affiliates!I just had a confusing situation when I referred a person to WA and this person went to another's person network, not mine.I have used my affiliate link which I took from my dashboard and shortened it through So I have no idea why this happened as it seems that I have done everything correctly. How is this possible?I feel very confused about this. Is this a system that sometimes doesn't work properly?Here is a screenshot of the person's profile that I have reff
Hello, Friends!I hope you all are having magic winter holidays!I am trying to combine my learning process here at WA with holiday season and I want to say it's been a pleasant experience since every time I am on my way to log in to the WA platform, it is all about joy and excitement.Just finished Level 4 of OEC. I have seen many people here at WA are saying that this level wasn't easy for them and now, after I have completed it, I must admit that I feel I am one of those people too. Don't know
Dear Wealthy Affiliates!I have started this day with an email from Amazon notifying me that they have reviewed my account and have officially accepted me in their Amazon Associates Program :)I am really happy like those kids in the cover image of this post, especially because my account will not be closed anymore and I will not have to replace all the affiliate links on my website. Last time, it took me a whole day as my first Amazon Associates account has been closed in September this year. No
October 24, 2019
Dear Wealthy Affiliates!At the end of this day, I want to quickly share with you my progress thus far with my Amazon Associates website.Yesterday, I have logged into my Amazon account and was really surprised and happy to see another 2 sales!See the screenshot below:That is interesting to note that the ordered items are not from the range of reviewed products on my website.Of course, these are tiny figures, but I hope from all of my heart that they will grow with time and I will do everything t
Dear Wealthy Affiliates!I hope this message finds you all in a good shape and mood!The 6 month notification from Wealthy Affiliate poped up on my screen in the middle of work. Today I feel like I don't have much to share in this post, besides one thing: even though there is a long path to go through untill I accomplish my goals with my website, I already feel how Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life!In the past months, I have learned so many things about websites and online industry and I am l
August 04, 2019
Happy Sunday, dear Wealthy Affiliate Community !I haven't been active on here in the recent few months due to family issues, although I wasn't so much active on the platform in general from the very beginning of joining Wealthy Affiliate.The purpose of my post today is that I have logged into my Amazon account yesterday and to my surprise, I saw that my bodybuilding website made its first sale ! Of course, the commission is not so high, but this is proof that what we learn here at Wealthy Affil
Wow, Wow !I have just received a notification that my website got indexed by Google ! In 7 days after website creation, just exactly how I have been taught here ! What a feeling ! :) The notification came at the end of this day, like a reward for the done work until now. At every step I take at this platform, it proves to be what it was claiming in the beginning, and even so much more. I would never thought that website creation could be not difficult, but fun !Wealthy Affiliate has really beco
Hey, Everyone !Hope you are doing great with your daily routine and feeling wonderful !I want to take a minute and let you know about my progress thus far !I have finished Level 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and I am very exited to dive into the next level! I have managed to accomplish this by now in only 5 days after going Premium and I want to say it wasn't so much difficult for me. Mainly, because I get to know Wealthy Affiliate long before that and I went through Level 1