I've started a youtube channel

Last Update: November 11, 2016

I've finally started a youtube channel to coincide with my website. It's not much, and for now all I can do is post gameplay videos to coincide with my points. I just record myself playing a game with a certain video game accessory, but without my voice over it and it doesn't show my face. I don't think I have the tech to make it look and sound good. For now I just want to upload gameplay to prove my point. I hope one day to make video reviews alongside.


I've only got one pathetic little video at the moment of me playing a game with a product I reviewed so far.


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MPollock Premium
Congrats keep up the good work
Nanowave Premium
Does anyone have any advice to make my site prosper? Can I use affiliate links and stuff?
Nanowave Premium
And don't worry, I do have a profile picture, it's just taking a while to upload.