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I recently turned 50, got divorced (22 years), and ran away from home (MN for 49 years). All my earthly belongings fit in the cab of a 99 Ford Ranger. I am flat broke and living with a friend on a small ranch in Wyoming working for my room and board. I have never been happier in my life. However, I do miss my kids and family...yes, even my ex-husband. I have no money in the bank, no pension, no 401K, nothing to fall back on. As a matter of fact, I brought $24,000 debt with me. I don't mope around feeling sorry for myself. I am very optimistic and really looking forward to a journey from "rags to riches" by working hard and learning all I can from this website and all the great people on it. So to all of you, "Hello...I am the NakedGypsy...stripped of all I had and looking forward to my next journey"
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ArmaniTol Premium
Hello Kim! I just thought that I'd stop by your WA profile to say "hellol"! May you be successful in your online business ventures. All the best.
gannet Premium
You can do it. Being Positive brings good results.
mmonllor Premium
Thank you for following me. I look forward to seeing you succeed. Welcome to the WA Community. You'll have lots of company here.
kelpin Premium
Blooming hell, I thought I had a story to tell.lol. You go girl, work hard and good things will come! We cant change the past, but we can definitely change the future x
steve71 Premium
You have a fantastic attitude my friend! All the best on your bright new adventures :)
Funkydunc208 Premium
Oh wow! Welcome to a community that will hold your hand tight when you need it, reassure you and encourage you as you require it. Enjoy the journey.
Talk to us with any questions you have.


nparish1974 Premium
hiand heloo
EdyIsChandra Premium
Hello NakedGypsy,
Welcome to Premium membership area.
I wish your journey will be awesome and succeed eventually!
You will pick-up some new skills for sure within WA.
It is great to have you here. I hope we can be friend :)

SridharRay Premium
Hi NakedGypsy,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate being premium member. Feel free to ask if you get stuck anywhere in the training. Good luck!

you may wish to check this link for quick training:
phydel Premium
Congratulations on going premium...I can assure you that you have made the best decision of your life...Contact me anytime you need help..and I will provide you with the help you need as soon as possible. Once again welcome to this new experience
betcha Premium
What a journey! But I'm glad you came aboard WA. There is definitely hope for you. At the end of the tunnel, you shall see the light. One of the stories that inspire me a lot is right here in our community. Follow the story of Nessa @ https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nessa60735 and read about her on her website.

May you find your hopes lit up and be motivated to get up, shake off the dust from your feet and start moving forward to make your dreams come true. Welcome to the community that cares about your success in your own online business. Turn your passion into a thriving business! More blessings to you, Kim!
Keane Premium
Hey Kim! Nice to meet you. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very big and warm welcome to our WA family, so WELCOME! :-]

If you have ANY questions, need help or assistance... please feel free to ask. Seriously, Just Ask! :-]

To making friends while...
building new bridges,
Johan1776 Premium
I think you will get a kick out of this. ;o)
Johan1776 Premium
Welcome to the 'Cyberhood.' It's nice to 'meet' you on this awesome journey. I too have had major turbulence. Two dear people, my beloved wife Judith and one of my daughters passed on within a year.

I am still kind of a trainwreck. This 'Cyberversity' helped to rekindle my enthusiasm and sense of purpose.

I think when you experience these difficulties it's God's gift and realization that he has important plans for you ahead.

You are definitely in the right place. WA feels like family and you can make it here. It is a lot of work, but if you are dedicated you will definitely achieve success. When life gives you lemons....

I used to gripe about housework and chores. Can you believe that?
I have a house to work on and there are hungry people living under bridges. I am getting better at counting blessings.

You are going to have fun here. You'll see. Things change very quickly here. (kind of sounds like an 'Alice in wonderland' line.) If you have patience, follow the training in sequence and don't hesitate to ask the question, this awesome segment of your 'journey' is about to begin. You are surrounded by 'Angels' here.


Joy, Confidence, and Great Fortune to you. ;-) J
Strap Premium
Hi and welcome to premium. I just dropped by to say hello and offer any help that you may need......oh and GOOD LUCK
grandbudda Premium
Welcome aboard and best wishes !
Caraid Premium
Hi Kim

Welcome to WA premium. There is a huge amount of training here
now that you've gone premium and a very friendly supportive community.

If you need any help or guidance there is sure to be someone here who can assist you. Just ask.

I wish you every success

Isimaus Premium
Thanks for the following .. :-) .. greetings from Germany to Wyoming
vikesys Premium
Welcome, best of luck.
stevechic Premium
Stay motivated the training and support you get here will allow you to succeed and build a great new life
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
Kyle Premium
Absolutely everything you need is here at Wealthy Affiliate to create and grow your business to any level online. I really do look forward to working with you and as you move forward you are really going to see your business come together.

If you ever need a hand with anything, please do let me know Kim. ;)

PS. I hope you have an awesome week ahead!
NakedGypsy Premium
thanks Kyle...I look forward to working with you as well.
Kyle Premium
Most definitely, chat soon Kim!
Hippychick Premium
Hi Kim :)
Your profile is awesome ! It takes guts to just take off like you did. You have the perfect mindset to take you all the way with this. I'm so looking forward to following your journey :)
Jay Gumbs Premium
Hey Kim, I just want to take some time to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate. Glad you made it.

If you do need my assistance with getting started just click on my picture and leave a comment or reply to this comment.

All the best.