Lvl. 1 Beginner Training Series - Short-Term Frustrations Always Lead to Long-Term Clarity:

Last Update: October 23, 2015

Good afternoon fellow Wealthy Affiliate members,

In particular I would like to welcome anybody that is new to this program, affiliate marketing, or to the world of online business as a whole.

This is the very first in a series of blogs that I will be creating intended to benefit and instruct those of you that are still relatively new to everything being taught here, or for those that feel they might need a reminder of the basics.

Let's get started....

It is common knowledge that the majority of the people that arrive here to Wealthy Affiliate have very little to absolutely no experience when it comes to making money online.

I know as well as any of you that in a community and platform of this size, that can sometimes make it feel like you are solving a rubix cube!

Many of you are stepping into a brand-new world full of terminology, concepts, and strategies that you have never heard about before, and it may feel like you are learning to walk for the first time or picking up a second language.

The first thing that you to understand is that all of this is completely normal and expected, virtually every single one of us experienced members has been there before, and at any given time there are thousands of other members at exactly the same place that you find yourself in.

You are not, and never will be alone in your journey here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I remember during my first couple of months, although I was extremely excited and grateful to be on this journey, I also had times where I felt flat-out frustrated, overwhelmed, and as if I was way in over my head.

The second most important thing that you need to understand, is that EVERYTHING you are learning here, no matter how difficult for you now, will get MUCH EASIER as time goes on and you work at it more and more.

As long as you do not give-up or allow yourself to stay stuck on any particular task, eventually these concepts will become second-nature, almost as if they are apart of you.

It's like one day a light-bulb will go off and things will just begin to click!

There are things that I once found difficult that I can now do without even putting any thought into it, they just kind of flow through me.

Take blogging for instance....

When I first started, I LOVED working my way through the training, I LOVED interacting within the community and reading others posts, but blogging is the one thing that I absolutely dreaded.

It seemed like I would have to force myself to write new content on my website, I did not think I had a very good writing style, and sometimes I would go weeks without publishing anything new.

I knew that if I was going to be successful I would have to find a way to turn this around, and I did!

There wasn't anything special that I did, no particular trick that somebody else taught me, I simply kept on doing it over and over and over.

Now I have reached a point where I am dishing out 1000+ word articles AT LEAST every other day, and sometimes every single day, and the majority of them are getting ranked very highly in the search-engines.

Not because I have to force myself to do it, but because I have gotten MUCH better at it to the point where I now honestly enjoy it and look forward to it.

I do not tell you this to brag, but rather to hammer home the fact that the more you implement what is being taught here, the easier it will become over-time.

How long it will take ultimately depends on each of you as individuals, but you will get to this point if you stick with it no matter what.

Above all, you must always remember that you are not alone in your journey.

If you find yourself getting stuck or frustrated, post your question to the community by clicking the 'pen' button at the top right of the screen, or jump in on the ever-active live chat and find out what other members have to say.

You might have your question answered immediately which is what most of us want, but I assure you, it will get answered pretty quickly!

If you keep working at it, and consistently take action, you will come to a place of clarity and understanding and you will probably be writing a similar blog to give back to the beginners that are asking the same questions that you once were.

If you found this article helpful at all, please let me know by hitting the like button below or giving me a follow, and be sure to check back with me soon to check out the 2nd part in this beginner series.


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VictorCar Premium
Thanks for the post! I needed to hear that. Keep them coming!
jm88ddwm Premium
Awesome Matt, I wouldn't have thought you had ever had a problem with writing. I will get there one day, I'm working on it. THANK YOU!!!
mykc724 Premium
There are a couple factors that play into getting high-search engine rankings:

1) Content: Obviously you need to be dishing out quality content on a regular and consistent basis, this is what tells the search-engines that your site is active and relevant.

I am not sure what level your website is at, but it is not enough to have 15-20 pages of content posted and expect to receive high rankings.

As always the more the better, but you should at least be shooting for the 50-60 post mark before you start seeing better rankings and traffic.

2) Time: People do not realize that times also plays a big factor in how your website is seen by the search-engines.

Even if you could somehow manage to dish out 100 posts in an extremely small amount of time, if your website is only one-month old, your not going to get ranked higher then the websites that have been around for a longer amount of time.

As your website matures so will it's exposure and rankings, as long as you are producing new content on a regular basis.

3) Low-Hanging Fruit Keyword: If you have followed the training you might remember that low hanging fruit keywords are the ones that most people do not focus their content around because they generally get a much lower number of monthly searches.

Instead people choose to go after the massive keywords, failing to realize that the competition on these is much higher and their chances of ranking under it are much lower.

Most of my keywords generally only get about 50-60 monthly visitors on average, but their QSR (competition rating) is extremely low, so they rank higher and often on the first page.

When you add up a couple hundred posts with the majority of them ranking highly, even with low monthly searches you are still going to attract more visitors then with higher competition keywords that are not ranking at all.
ibmountain Premium
Very motivating. I am struggling at getting ranked high on google. Do you have any recommendations?
krazykat Premium
Great post Matt :)
mykc724 Premium
Thank you Val!