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September 05, 2017
HAVING TROUBLE WITH FTP ACCESS? HERE'S A SOLUTION.Hiya, Gang.Have done a quick article to help any who are having trouble logging in to their FTP accounts and needing a full site backup.Over the past few days, quite a few WA members have mentioned on WA Chat that they cannot get into the FTP side of their WA site. FTP is required when you want to do a TOTAL site backup, including everything at that site EXCEPT the database details.By doing a regular FTP backup you'll ensure that you can restor
Hiya, Gang. It ain't often my mate, Bert gets shocked by anything these days. Being an imaginary friend, Bert's seen and done everything imaginable. He's got his own - I've Seen and Done Everything Imaginable and Then Been Arrested For It Twice T-shirt and plastic carrier bag for when he goes shoplifting AGAIN. Bert says it helps the shop security and police immediately understand this ain't the first time he's been caught so that's helpful of him, don't you think? Bert really loves the tr
Hiya fellow inmates. Welcome to another of My Mate, Bert's Backwards Guides.In today's episode Bert, my best imaginary friend, gets to grips with a very little known Chinese martial art - The Ancient Art of Not Advertising!!We first mentioned this ancient system years ago on a Google Blogger Blog thingy what Bert set up & then promptly forgot all about until NOW. Bert says now it's your turn to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and bend an ear, fellow inmates.The Ancient A
Hiya, gang, all the way from my imaginary friend, Bert 'n' me. Welcome to the first backward guide created in union, I call it a conspiracy really, with My Mate, Bert. It's actually a test for Google to see exactly what appears in Google under the term Backwards Guides.We've tried similar before with spectacular - if rather unusual results. See our very own Google results page that we send people to when demonstrating SEO & Google. Our Google page is GROWING and Bert says "It's mine, all