Positive Attitude About Life!

Last Update: July 29, 2017
I have find in my life that you have to have positive attitude about life that you want to be in life.It do not matter want background you are from this come from within your heart to do the right in life.I find even my on family I and my brother is like day and night doing what my mother said. To him I quest I was more afraid of her then he was so I obeyed her and did what she said.What I am saying is that you can't make a person do what they don't want to do good luck with that.The old saying is that you can take a person out of the country but can't take the country out of them,God Bless...
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thedogman Premium
Great post and thank you
MKearns Premium
Another is you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Essential in business!
McWord Premium
Nicely put. Thanks for sharing!
littlewoodsb Premium
Yes this is true, but I believe there are many things we all share or strive to have which are the same, for example:

Happiness and Joy, Freedom, Identity, Love, Success. Whilst at the same time we are all unique in how we get there.

Finally, without humility we cannot learn. I certainly don't know everything and I am always learning in all aspects of my life, even through my mistakes.

Thank you for your thoughts

Here's to your future success

mwjr68 Premium
Each person have a different out look on what they want out of life!!