How To Enable Rich Pins on Pinterest

Last Update: May 30, 2021

Rich pins have additional information about a post, like a website and a description of the post. A regular pin will show only the title and author.

There are four types of rich pins.

  • App- apps for download
  • Article - used by most bloggers
  • Product - eCommerce businesses
  • Recipe - food and lifestyle bloggers

Rich pins will be fall under article for most bloggers; hence our focus is on blog post pins.

Benefits Of Rich Pins

  • help Pinterest understand your pins and their relevance to your audience.
  • It’s more attractive and gets noticed quickly.
  • It saves any information you change on your website automatically
  • Provides readers with extra information about your article

How To Get Rich Pins

The rich pin is free for business accounts. If you have a personal account, you have to convert it to a business account.

After setting up your account, confirm your website with Pinterest.

Ensure you have enabled Pinterest in your Yoast SEO or All-in SEO as the metadata is pulled directly from your website.

After you have put in all the necessary information, head to the Pinterest developer:

Rich Pin Validator

Then add the URL of any one of your blog posts in the validator box.

Click on validate.

If everything is fine, you will get a response similar to the one below.

Since your pin will show additional information from your site, write a good meta description. Ensure you don’t leave the box blank.

There you have it, how to enable rich pins on Pinterest.

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