Fighting the Content and Keyword Block!

Last Update: March 18, 2016

Have you ever sat down to write a post but get completely annoyed with trying to find something to write about or even the right keyword? I sure do and it can get pretty frustrating. I have lost interest many times and simply walked away because I couldn't find anything to write about or so I thought.

As of lately I have focused my attention to fighting this content and keyword block. I will not allow it to stop me from writing a post ever again!

Here are some resources I use to come with content and keyword ideas

  • Google Alerts
    • I believe I have blogged about this one before. I have actually created one post because of an interesting article I found using Google Alerts. Basically Google Alerts will send you an email once a day with articles from the web discussing popular topics in your niche. While many of the articles for my niche are very specific sometimes I do see something that may get the ideas moving regarding content ideas. Never ignore you Google Alerts. There just may be a little gem waiting in that email.
  • Google Search
    • From time to time I will sit and research my niche on Google just as I did before starting my website. I may have a look at the top products (instruments in my case), new trends, other blog sites, etc. Pretty much anything I can find is game. I have found many content ideas this way.
  • Put Myself In the Readers Shoes (ok not a resource, haha)
    • Many times I think about what a beginner in my niche would need to know. Sometimes when we are well educated in a particular area we forget about the basics. For example, as a musician and educator I may assume that everyone knows about woodwinds and reeds but thats not the case. Aha, I have a post idea. I could even make the keyword a question. That question becomes my title and I'm on my way.
  • Ubersuggest
    • This one is relatively new to me but it can certainly give you tons of ideas for keywords and content ideas. You simply enter a keyword or word related to your niche and it will generate keywords ideas based on the alphabet. I highly suggest giving this one a try. I have found things that I would have never thought on my own.
  • Google Search Alphabet Soup
    • I use this one when I have my topic but can't seem to find the right keyword to use. Basically I type the keyword idea I have into the search and start going through the alphabet. For example, this morning I was researching for a post I want to write about woodwind instruments. I went to Google and started searching.....Woodwind Instruments A, Woodwind instruments B and so on (Google will provide a bunch of suggestion based on past searches.). Kyle provides an excellent tutorial on using the alphabet soup method. Once I find a keyword that fits my topic I head over to Jaaxy or the WA keyword tool and start checking the traffic and competition. You may need to tweak your choice a little to get the best results.
  • Playing with the Keyword Tools Available
    • Sometimes I sit and start entering keywords into Jaaxy or the WA Keyword tool and just start digging. I may not even have a particular post topic in mind. For example, I may enter musical instruments (Which by itself has way to much competition) and start digging through the idea that are presented. In the keyword tool here at WA I believe its called dig and in Jaaxy you simply click on the keyword suggested to generate more keyword ideas. I have found many keywords this way. If you have no use for them at that particular moment you can save them to your list. That way you always have keywords ready to go if your stuck.

Most of the time I already have an idea but just can't find a keyword that fits. If this is case I write anyways without a keyword. I come up with a catchy title and let the writing juices flow. While keywords are very helpful for ranking, Google does like websites that are regularly updated. The post will probably rank naturally for keywords you didn't try to put in your post anyways.

I have only been with WA for a short period of time but can't believe how much I have learned about keywords and generating content. I am certain I have much more to learn.

Now I am looking to the community! What are some ways you find keyword and content ideas? Your suggestions will be helpful to all of us!

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My new keyword tool KWAlert [dot] net combines the idea of Ubersuggest with that of Google Alerts and sends you an email whenever new search suggestions are found for the keyword you entered.
RonAlderman Premium
Great ideas. I have been having writers block for the last few months and that had caused me to lose interest. I am still fighting it and while I was aware of some of these resources there are a few others and your point of view that may help me to get back on track faster.

Thanks for the blog.