Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. - Archim

Last Update: October 16, 2014

Hi there!

Am here to tell you something about myself some history, dreams, or what I hope to accomplish.

I am Andrew and this is my blog, I was born in Cyprus and raised in Australia and returned back to Cyprus after visiting once as a child and then as an adult. I appreciate the life here with marvelous weather, longer summers and shorter winters I don't know if that is positive but sunny days I see more often. I grew up in a strict environment with sound values and I admire honesty, truthfulness, and to be able to speak freely and to assert to others your beliefs and understanding of my own experiences to be able to assist others in their search for knowledge and awareness.

My aspiration is to be constructive for others who endeavor to participate in or create their own dream of owning a successful online business. There are many opportunities as I had found out myself through my struggles and disappointments in trying to accomplish the above, however, in doing so, I have enlightened myself with valuable knowledge that I could convey to you so you can avoid making the same misappropriate judgment.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. (Aristotle)

It isn't easy I grant you that, the road is a long one, but if your heart is there and you truly want to achieve your goal whatever it is then persistence will prevail. I have the persistence, and contemplation to continue this journey of learning and putting into practical use what I have acquired through Wealthy Affiliate. Even so at times I feel that I am not moving forward I find myself questioning if I am on the right path, it is a mental struggle trying to motivate yourself to get on with things you put your mind to at the beginning. I find it funny at times looking at myself, especially going back in thought of how I perceived the online community and how I see it now.

Usually I find myself in a state of being decisive, but that is how my character is, at the time how I feel about things and how I progress towards my goals plays a huge relevance with my conclusion. That isn't to say that I don't know what I am doing, quite the contrary, I do the research time and time again and if I am not still convinced positively no matter what I do then I discard that venture. I have to exhaust all possibilities that I might be wrong about a particular investment or business venture or even a product, I will search all through the online channels to find informative and decisive information that would prove either to be a positive or in a negative proposition.

Success is dependent on effort. - (Sophocles)

It is progress to move forward it all depends on yourself alone! Yes, I blame myself for not attributing enough effort to progress forward with my own goals I haven't failed, no! Just prolouged my success that's all. I have listened to many who tried to establish themselves online, but to give up saying that everything is a scam online you will never make it, it is a lie to believe such statements from persons who initially haven't got what it takes to be tenacious with themselves. Being in a business or in marketing you have to be constantly looking for new ideas and encouraging yourself pushing towards achieving your goals step by step. Setting stringent time frames not letting yourself being distracted by an obstacle or person. Belief in yourself is the first step towards your success, helping others achieve this is my goal and my business, having the knowledge at my fingertips helps me to envisage the road to success with Wealthy Affiliate.

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TheCatherine Premium Plus
Hi Andrew,
Interesting and thought provoking post.success is a journey and "A rock pile is just a pile of rocks until someone looks upon it and sees the vision of a cathedral."Antoine de St Exupery.
Don't forget that the greatest move towards making a success online is action, because you can always tweak and change, but paralysis by analysis, or perfectionism can hold you back.
I delayed publishing my first product for years because I wanted it to be perfect. Eventually I realised that a perfect product was a not what people were looking for, and it was impossible to attain. . That is what updates are for.

Look on your journey as a work in progress towards the cathedral!
mundy22 Premium
Thank you, well said I was kind of trying different things I guess looking for inspiration within, but mostly trying to figure what to say at times. You sit down ready to blog and you just stare into space wondering how to start. I don't know if anyone had experienced this, but I guess I finally found something to write about the experience.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Try and think of it as a conversation with friends who are comfortable with you and you them. This may help, and it does get easier and more fluid as you go on
mundy22 Premium
Thank you again, got also mycps-free, pdf, going to read that tomorrow morning, also once again your blog was fantastic. Your right the more you write, the easier it gets. Flows like water down hill.