My Progress in a Bushell

Last Update: June 06, 2018

Uncharted Waters

This is uncharted waters for me. I have just realized that over the last few years, I have become content with being lackluster. Honest. I have become a ghost of myself, so when I was asked to determine my progress within Wealthy Affiliates in the last month or so, I was at a loss for words. The question is: have I made any memorable progress within the Wealthy Affiliates community?

A Resounding Yes

I will give that question a resounding "yes". In just one month, I have accomplished my desire to have my own hosted website; in fact, I have two of them, dedicated to writing about the two passions of my life - art and computing. I am still aspiring to make some money while I am writing about these topics, but that is getting much more do-able than it's ever been in the past several years.

Getting Past The Threshold

When I came to Wealthy Affiliates, I did not know of any truly sincere community dedicated to teaching the steps of affiliate marketing. I had belonged to groups of rich and wanna-be rich people for many years, but never quite got past the threshold. It seemed that I always missed some part of the training that should have got me past the threshold. I was the proverbial bridesmaid, never the bride. It seemed like whenever the time came for me to gain the "secret" knowledge of success, I was always a day late and a dollar short. Wealthy Affiliates changed all that

The Environment.

The environment they have designed here fits my personality to a "T". I have always had a penchant for seeking knowledge, but it is only at this late stage of my life that I've come to know that information mixed with action becomes true knowledge. Without action, it is nothing but information, Here at WA, the approach is to give you the info you are seeking and immediately challenge your understanding by requiring you to use that information on your own behalf. That is the essence of effective teaching.

The Resources

I have been shown the ABCs of building a structured online business, I have, for the first time been shown how to develop a website, find a niche, choose and use keywords to design content for those niches I have chosen, And best of all, I have finally got the information of how to gain Google ranking. Now, my web-sites no longer feel like far-flung oases in the desert of the internet. Thanks to resources like Jaxxy, I no longer have to guess what keywords will make an article attractive to my intended audience, thus sparing me the option of simply writing to myself.

The Service

Now , don' misunderstand me, Wealthy Affiliates is not free. Affiliates pay for their access to the Wealthy Affiliates environment. Compared to some of the competition, there is no competition. My monthly dues encompass web hosting 25 paid domains and 50 unpaid domains, all with exceptional service; live and recorded training at your own pace with certification: community help with personal problems concerning your websites; access and communication with the hosts; and more. Did I mention that they keep track and inform you every time Google indexes your content?

Why Hurry

So I don't want to toot my own horn, unless you ask me pretty please. but I will say I've done good with myself so far, here at Wealthy Affiliates. I am currently working on developing a million-dollar website and I am not finished yet. I am excited about the prospects for the future because I haven't finished my certification training yet and seeing some of the topics to be handled, I can't wait. I know that graduation time is said to be spectacular, but I am channeling my lazy alter-ego. I may be one of the perpetual students because I am having sooo much fun, why the hurry to graduate?

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franmoley Premium
I'm so proud of your progress so far. It is always scary to chart uncharted waters.

Stay consistent in your progress. Take some kind of action every day that will enable you to accomplish your goals.

Good luck!
muhsayy Premium
Thank you @franmoley. Here I can take charge of my moods and keep control over my emotions.