Mom Down, Mom Down

Last Update: January 31, 2017

Friday I picked up my daughter from the Nurse's office (apparently she is sooo sick that she must get picked up). I walked into the office, and I saw about 11 sick kids waiting for parents. I though this can't be good. Sure enough, I have two sick kids on my hands...then the unthinkable. I'm weak as a new born babe.

You know when I started my WA journey in December, I was ready to go...nothing will stand in my way. Now it seems like everything is getting in my way for me to be successful. My job requiring more of my time (60+ hours work week); as a result, I am not able to put in the amount of time I need to get this jumping.

I'm eager to start seeing results. I must say that the one thing I know for sure is that I am more determined than ever to continue my journey here at WA. I have learned a lot and the community is the best. I do not want to continue to work 60+ hours per week making someone else way! So, last week I decided that when my 8 hours is over, it's OVER. I need time to work on my online business!

Sick I am, but continue with my lessons I must!

WA is the best!

Have a productive week!

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BonifaceDjou Premium
Kenisha I am with you for the decision you made/ wealthy affiliate is a ladder, our ladder to take us to where we want to do with our life. To put more time in WA is a good thing. Bravo. Wish you success.
Mskay19 Premium
Thank you
drjec Premium
Agree with you the members do.