Stepping Out In FAITH -

Last Update: December 24, 2015

Aloha --

It's been just 2 weeks since I've joined WA... still making my way through Level 1 Lessons. I'm struggling mostly because I am completely clueless on technology; when I can't figure things out, I ask for help -- and I get it. I am confident that other skills & experience I have, will eventually come in handy (sales, marketing, writing, time management and organization).

Everyone in the WA community has been helpful and encouraging; it's good to know that WA has "got my back" -- which is more than I can say for many former co-workers and managers out there in the "dog eat dog" world of corporate madness, where I had to constantly "watch my back" -- it got to a point in which honesty, integrity and hard work just didn't pay off anymore -- I'm OVER it !!

In fact, I just gave up a $44K per year job offer last week... though I wouldn't recommend it for anybody; I'm taking my chances with WA, but I made the conscientious choice to "Step Out In FAITH" and commit myself to this endeavor... it's scary, but exciting at the same time. I do have some part-time independent consulting work lined up for the first (3) months in the New Year; hopefully it will be enough to get me by while I work at this new venture with WA.

And that's what it's going to take -- work; I realized from the get-go, that this online business is going to take some time and effort -- especially because I'm so "green" with technology... I'm willing to work hard at it, and everyday, I find myself looking forward to jumping online and immersing myself in this new adventure. I can't wait to harvest the fruit of my labor !

Happy Holidays !

Be Safe -- Drive Safer ~

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Wayne66 Premium
It is a big step. Stepping out in FAITH. I think there is more behind that last word especially if we know Who is really in control.

Help is always there, as you have discovered and Micheal, "TechiSmart" is one of the best. Rock on Holly.
TechniSmart Premium
Holly, we can always find time to help.

See you @ the Top!

angelce903 Premium
Your story is very encouraging and you are brave... I hope you'll reap a lot of success with your state of mind!