New Badge earned!

Last Update: February 18, 2020

Finally, I got my badge for completing the stage 2 training. I had got a bit stuck on being able to answer a question for someone new but got there in the end!

Anyway I am so excited about the next stage and have already got stuck into the Making Money training. Having spent the last couple of weeks searching for keywords and writing content, it is great to be reminded of my I am doing this and the scope of the opportunity!

I am so excited at the prospect of getting my first sale and would love to know how you all felt when you got your first sale.

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megawinner Premium
Take your new-found encouragement and enthusiasm to go for the next accomplishment. 👍⚡

Keep going. ✨💨

As you keep it up, this will help you in achieving your goals.🙏💲

Cheers! 🔥💥

Ross57 Premium
Congratulations on where you are at so far
All the best as you move on from here
MsJeanK Premium
Thank you Ross!
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's fantastic, Jean! Moving right along, my friend!👍👍
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Yeah!! Congratulations, my friend! This is terrific!!🎉🌞
WMarshall1 Premium
You are doing awesome! Keep it up!