Decided to bite the bullet and go yearly

Last Update: May 09, 2020

I was thinking that I really couldn't afford to go yearly at this time, but the special offer was just too tempting - I had to find a way. If times get tough later in the year at least I know my WA membership is covered. : )

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dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Jean,
Well i am impress with your fearless leap towards the WA yearly membership. It was one of the right way of managing money and biz cashflow. You are right that it relief you from worrying about the money issue. And focus more in your online business. From now onwards, you will put all your focus and make it work. Plan ahead for the years ahead.

To all your success,
David Koh
MsJeanK Premium
Thank you, David!
Surfdude123 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Jyen77 Premium
Believe you" CAN "
Jadatherapy Premium
Congratulations. YAY
JaneMahlehle Premium
Congratulations on your yearly upgrade 👏💫
MsJeanK Premium
Thank you - it feels good now it's done!