Still hesitant to jump on the Black Friday offer?!

Last Update: November 26, 2017

This is for anybody still hesitant taking Kyle & Carson up on the Black Friday offer. Although the savings are significant (you basically only spend half of what you would pay on the monthly subscription), $299 might still be a lot of money for some of you and can be a significant investment for you to make…

I want to share something personal with you…

In the past five years, I have spent well over $20k on various make money online courses, programmes, memberships, etc. I only joined WA in June this year and I was super impressed from the first login :)

The training is clear and easy to follow, the community is super helpful, there are several super affiliates and full-time affiliate marketers interacting regularly in the discussions...and last but not least, the success stories of WA members speak for themselves!

The WA Premium membership is, in my experience so far, the best value you can get if you’re looking to build your own online business.

Is it easy to build an online business? No. Is it going to take time and effort? Yes. Will it be worth it? You bet!

I encourage you to go and read through at least a few success stories on the main WA dashboard. After that ask yourself a question...are you willing to work hard for the next 12 months to reach a similar level of success as other members here?

If the answer is yes, the $299 Premium upgrade really is a no brainer and you should jump on it right away! And perhaps invest the savings into Jaaxy...hint, hint ;)

At the moment of writing this, the offer is only live for the next cca 36 hours. If you’re still on the fence after reading the above...and all the other communication about the Premium offer...please comment below with your hesitations. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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AfqmBiz Premium
mrronnie Premium
My pleasure buddy :)
Tbridges04 Premium
Thanks man, its not in my budget to spend, its a great deal, I'm on a tight budget.
mrronnie Premium
Hi Tony,

In your place I would see if I could perhaps borrow the money from a friend and pay back $50/month. That would pay off this loan in 6 months and you would have access to WA Premium for free for the next 6 months...essentially saving almost $300 over the course of a year ;)

But it's up to you...

Also, I believe there will be a similar promotion next year and by then you should already have a revenue generating online business, which will make this kind of decision easier ;)

DBeatty Premium
I was on the fence for about a day, but then I realized it is absolutely worth it.
mrronnie Premium
You made a great decision! ;)
MKearns Premium
A historically done deal!
mrronnie Premium
Agreed! :)