Here's my third blog post. I just came from my godaddy service.

Last Update: March 27, 2019

I have decided to slow down on my intention to go full blast on my first dozen websites. In coming back from godaddy, i'm taking a year somewhat off to develop my best service and my most loved business, which is WA. Yes people i'm going to be working exclusively on what I love and rever as the best service to all people who need help and want to learn how to make money online. I do believe that there is only one reason why people opt to go on line. That obviously is because they want to make money. As we are all assured that making money is probably the biggest purpose that the www holds. Mainly the only other things that people will see online are services and what nots that deal with information. As we assurded know and find whatever is linked to being any knowledge based data that is of value to the main searcher that will use any product that allows us to link to the thing we call the www. or wide world web. And or course we all know that it is us people who use the thing we call a computer. But lets just suppose that one day we get a response back from a message that we send out to lets say the planet Uranus, and it says, is there anyone out there who can scrach my Anus? Are you ready to respond? (;-0) Regards Frank Perrella, AKA mrresourcefu

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MElumir Premium

Thank you sir for that passion of helping others. By helping others, we will also grow, by growing, this gives us leverage of income.
Babou3 Premium
Thanks for this interesting third blog post!

Have a nice day!
NewLaurie Premium
Interesting thoughts, Frank! Full steam ahead!