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Last Update: June 17, 2019

Everyday it seems when Im always checking email, my website and WA as well for new content, ideas and information and everyday, iI see the same things over and over again...how muchmoney do you want you make. What kind of business problems are you facing, so forth and so on.

Seeing this kind of thing makes me wonder a lot of times where everyones priorities are...helping others, sharing knowledge and wisdom in order to better other peoples live's or ME ?!!

i understand perfectly that everyone wants a better quality of life, I do too, nodoubt about jt, but , and this is just me, Im not trying to speak for anyone else, i want to help people any way I can and my atform for doing that is sharing my experiences through my dancing and how it has helped me ( and it can everyone else too) become a better , more confident and vibrant individual.

I mean, Im definitely more than just a dancer. I love people and want to help them any way I possibly can through my blog, dance or whatever else I can do.

I guess my question is, if we concentrate on helpi g others more than ourselves, wouldnt that go along way to helping our business and building our following than spending all of our energy on ourselves?like I said, im just curious.

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firstlearn Premium
I think asking what kind of business problems you are having is quite sensible. That allows you to direct your answers to a specific problem, or in the case of many similar answers, to do a training on that subject knowing there are people with those problems that need to be solved.

I think the financial side of things is very personal because everyone's needs are different.

RKingsley Premium
I'm a bit confused here... are you saying that posts asking the same questions are because people are selfish?

I believe that we see the same posts come up so often because there is a certain shared journey at WA that everyone goes through, but we go through it at different times. In the first year is when people are generally writing these posts, not necessarily knowing that many of us have written those same posts.

It's actually a good thing - it shows some of the veterans where we all are and how we can help each other.
Mpiland Premium
No, thats not what Im trying to say at all.
I think what I was trying to say is that, a persons goals and desires as far as what they want to do with their business from a financial standpoint should be more of a personal issue instead of a public forum because when it is continually thrown out there is does look self absorbing even though that may not be ones intention.
RKingsley Premium
OK, I get it now.

I actually don't mind people sharing their personal / financial goals here, since it is the primary reason we all signed up and everyone who comes after us has the same primary reason for signing up. Furthermore, it's a really common phase of the WA journey.

People who stick around have a strong tendency to focus on more altruistc goals of helping others and adding value, and higher-concept goal strategies.

I can see where you are coming from though