Just quick blog before I log off.

Last Update: September 22, 2015

I wasn't so sure I would say this, but I am actually beginning to enjoy writing more each day. I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that the idea of writing and coming up with things to write about was too overwhelming and stressful. Thanks to Nathaniell's blog about the 500 word essay and the outline that he demonstrated, it only reminded me that this was something I used to enjoy doing in school - I loved writing compositions and book reports (believe it or not) and got my best grades in English. No, I am not going to make the next Oprah's Book of the Month club (does she still have this?), but that's ok. I am so over feeling intimidated by writing.

I still do it the old fashioned way. I write in long hand, then I type it! It works for me.

Now that my laptop is back in tip top shape I am looking forward to blogging more and adding to my website.

I am so tired now.

Good night all ! "See" you tomorrow!


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VinceR Premium
Pleasant dreams Margaret! :) Can't wait to read your next blog!
RandellD Premium
You go girl!
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Margaret, I and many others look forward to reading your blogs.