Installing a Sitemap in Wordpress

Last Update: April 06, 2012

I am sure that it has come up somewhere before but I just could not find it. It is a regular query in the forum regarding installing a sitemap on a Wordpress site and this resource is aimed at newbies.

Sometimes a read/write error comes up and I have put my work around into the tutorial as well as how to install the plugin, how to activate it and set it up and how to submit the site map to Google analytics.

Would appreciate comments if I have made any glaring errors.

Installing a Sitemap in Wordpress



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KalKal Premium
On page one of your training, you said you never understood the meaning of the phrase "teaching grandma to suck eggs."

"Teaching a grandma to suck eggs" came about in the late 1700's. Egg sucking (as awkward as it sounds) means to poke two holes in an egg, one at each end, and suck out the contents, leaving the shell intact. The hollow shell can then be painted or used as an ornament. Exact origins of the phrase are unknown.
morlandroger Premium
Thanks KalKal.
Remember doing that as a child. I suppose Grandma must have been the expert:)