Wealthy Affiliates incredible rates + Black Friday just cut my bill in half! $o$ Thank you WA!

Last Update: November 25, 2018

I use a very precise money management tool so I track my funding and expenses. After I did the math, When I first started, I was funding $49 a month for the membership, and then upgraded to $356.00 a year ($29.66 a month or so).

But I realized today that I never changed the amount I was funding on a monthly basis. I was accidentally still funding $49.00 a month into my budget for WA... and was doing so for about 5 months. Oops! XD

However, this worked out perfectly since it provided me with sufficient funds to upgrade to the Black Friday yearly plan! And this time I made sure to adjust my budget!

After upgrading to the Black Friday special, my yearly membership costs have been drastically cut to $299.00 a year or $24.92 a month!

I don't usually like to blog at WA since I'm on a tight schedule, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to thank the WA team for their generosity and amazing plans they offer!

I also want to encourage anyone serious about using WA in the long run to seriously consider planning to upgrade. I was able to use the money I've saved by enrolling in an online service that helps track and improve opt-in pages, pop ups and lead generation.

Thank you WA, Carl, & Kyle! Also a HUGE shout out to Jay for his amazing webinars and advice which made setting up click rate tracking, international sales, and general site optimization an absolute breeze!

PS: Feel free to Private Message me with any questions about the Money Management tool I use, the new service I've enrolled in, etc. I would be more than happy to send you the links :D

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JudsonH1 Premium
Great deal when putting money back into yourself to further invest in yourself.
CandP Premium
You made a great investment in yourself and your future.
Well done and rock you week!
C & P
marmar463 Premium
This is a value for the yearly membership and it is a great saving. Congratulations on your yearly membership.

DebbieRose Premium
It's fun when we "find" money. Black Friday yearly is such a generous value. Good decision.