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Go toOnline Entrepreneur Certification - Level 3 : Lesson 6 of 10Kyle advocates that we include pricing in our review posts, but there is a problem with this.Manual insertion of pricing for a product is not allowed!In Amazon's policies: will see the following under: 2. Links on Your Site(b) General Requirements Applicable to All Special LinksThis cannot be clearer, any pricing being manually inserted into your posts will be cons
I use a very precise money management tool so I track my funding and expenses. After I did the math, When I first started, I was funding $49 a month for the membership, and then upgraded to $356.00 a year ($29.66 a month or so).But I realized today that I never changed the amount I was funding on a monthly basis. I was accidentally still funding $49.00 a month into my budget for WA... and was doing so for about 5 months. Oops! XDHowever, this worked out perfectly since it provided me with suff
I don't get paid to write on WA, and thus, I don't plan to write many articles on WA until I have achieved my own goals and feel ready to contribute more to this amazing community. However, I know from experience that when I first joined WA and went through their training, there was a lot that I didn't understand and I would have greatly appreciated being mentioned when I first joined WA. I had so many questions.That's why today I will be presenting clear details that I hope will help members o
I feel really proud of myself. I have finished all training regarding niche/blog creation in about 4 months. I will be going through the Affiliate Bootcamp next. I can't help but feel like the end of that course really should have ended with a more definitive explanation of our game plan or at least an overview of where to go from here, still, I am content. It's obvious that the strategies presenting don't have to be over analyzed since they are so simple.My understanding is that our game plan
January 22, 2018
I have found that by writing music to classical, I write better and faster!When my sister introduced me to the concept of writing to classical music, (E.g. Bach, Beethoven, etc) I was skeptical.What do you write to? Am I the only one who writes to instrumental classical music?
I got up at 5:32am today, went to work completing the course from 5:45am - 2pm. With a lunch and a few 10 min breaks or so. I feel pumped. My power day went great. How is everyone else's Saturday going?
January 11, 2018
Can't help but feel like much of what I am learning right now will become useful in anything I do online. I hadn't really gotten into social marketing, except on Facebook, until going through much of this course. I like how it incorporates many different outlets, but I feel like something else can happen here...We get into TOO MUCH social media. I saw people posting links for Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and more, all together, on the forums today, and I can't help
The real reason I am making such great progress in my training, (About a lesson to two lessons a day), is because of 3 things:1. Doing EVERYTHING that Kyle says. If Kyle mentions something that you "could do" or "should do", I do it! I pause the video and do it right then and there. If I can't get it done, i ask the community.2. I don't get ahead of myself (most of the time). While there are many things that are suggested or hinted at, most of what Kyle talks about is going to be done in the ne
November 15, 2017
I have tracked my time spent working within WA. I would round it to be little above 30 hours give or take. In that time, I am amazed at how much I've been able to accomplish within WA.My website, focusing on financial success and financial freedom through education, has become a real passion of mine, and I credit my successes these last two week to me really sticking to my goals and spending 2 hours a day on this. The training have been great, and I find that time flies
November 11, 2017
I think Lvl.2, regarding the "making use of visuals" section of the training, is incredible. The walk through is thorough, it is very easy to understand, and the resources provided are invaluable.I personally have used Google or Bing to get free images when I've needed them, but many of these sites offer free and professional looking images that I would never have had access to if you hadn't referred me.Not sure if I will be using much screen capture in the future, and if I do, my Windows 10 PC
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