Real social marketing.

Last Update: January 11, 2018

Can't help but feel like much of what I am learning right now will become useful in anything I do online.

I hadn't really gotten into social marketing, except on Facebook, until going through much of this course. I like how it incorporates many different outlets, but I feel like something else can happen here...

We get into TOO MUCH social media.

I saw people posting links for Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and more, all together, on the forums today, and I can't help but wonder, "How the heck do you have time for all of that?"

I get we are supposed to work in social media, but I am probably going to stick with 4-5 social media outlets max. Anyone else feeling the same way about social media?

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Labman Premium Plus
Focus on one. Get good at that. When you spread yourself too thin nothing works.
MoneyMech Premium
Thanks for the reply. I'm still going through the training, though I completely understand what you mean, not overextending is important.