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I'm looking forward to the 200+ extra classes! I love WA. Honestly, I was doing well with my regular premium membership. But I didn't want to miss out on the action of upgrading to Premium plus. I'll let you know how it goes.
I haven't posted here in a while. But today, I opened my share-a-sale account, and saw I made more sales today. I am happy to report that one of my niche sites, Horse Saddle Comparison, is making conistent sales. This is mind blowing for me! This may be peanuts to some of you, but to me, it's a miracle.I knew this stuff worked with selling electronic digital products, but I was skeptical when it came to physical products - especially expensive products. I'm so happy. I know that my dreams can
Hi All.I've been MIA for the past few months taking care of personal issues. Today I wanted to post about 2 exciting things that happened for me. First, I just received my first commission on my first sale on my Western Horse Saddle site! I didn't think people would buy the saddles I was selling because they're expensive.Yet...Someone bought a $1,525.00 saddle from me - and the commission is a whopping $76. I know this works. I'm so excited.So... What's the second thing I wanted to tell you
Hi everyone. Today I want to talk about asking for help within the WA community and what kinds of help is available in this marvelous community. I love welcoming newcomers. I also love helping people. It's important because people have helped me along my journey.So when I welcome people to WA, I always let them know that I'm willing to help them in any way I can - within reason.What's the Limit?Some people think "help" means that I'm going to answer all of their questions when they haven't e
August 11, 2018
Hi everyone.Today I want to talk to you about foregoing the bells and whistles on your site. When I review sites, I notice that people pick themes that have, what I call, a lot of "bells and whistles."Here's what I mean. They have HUGE pictures with lots of colors, glitz and glamor. And their headline is either non-existent or completely makes no sense.How Should Your Header Look?Your header is the first thing people see when they arrive on your site. That makes it valuable real estate. Wh
Hi everyone!Today I want to talk to you about a paid content option I used to use and want to recommend to those of you who are struggling with writing your own content. As you know, content is KING. And if you're not a good writer (for whatever reason), please will click off your website.In one of my posts, I talked about outsourcing. Today I want to talk specifically about a paid conent option that's affordable to anyone. It's called iWriter.comI discovered iWriter years ago, and I used t
Hi Everyone! What do you do when your schedule gets interrupted and you don't get to post, answer comments or do your training? Today was one of those days. I like consistency, but sometimes things happen, like:Doctor appointmentsCourt DatesKids get sickDogs have to go to the vetThe list can go on and on. But I say this....Even if your day gets interrupted, you can pop on here and just welcome newcomers. Today, I wanted to post another article to help newcomers in some facet of Affiliate mar
Hi Everyone.Today I want to talk to you about how to find profitable digital product niches using Clickbank. Clickbank is the #1 (in my humble opinion) place to be an affiliate marketer for digital products.Why?Because of the hefty 75% commission you get! Seriously, you can take home anywhere from $15-$200 on commissions on one product. So this is my go-to for digital niche products. Why Such a High Commission?You get high commissions because they sell downloadable products such as Ebooks a
August 05, 2018
Hi Everyone!Today I want to talk to you about keywords and buyer intent. A lot of affiliates don't understand that picking keywords with the highest volume doesn't equal sales. What you're looking for is targeted traffic.One of the most important aspects of keyword research is understanding "buyer intent."Buyer intent is about being able to decipher if someone is ready to buy the product, or if they're just looking for free information based on the keyword they typed in. Buyer intent is real
Hi everyone!It's a rainy Saturday. So I don't feel guilty about working on my website, publishing posts, and commenting on people's posts. Today I want to talk about easy ways to research your niche.I'm writing this because I follow a lot of newcomers, and a lot of newcomers follow me. So I want to try and help you with the learning curve when deciding on a niche and then having to do the research. You Picked Your Niche, Now What?So you've picked your niche, now what? Hopefully, you've picked