We are what we think

Last Update: February 04, 2021

We really create what we think and feel, therefore we have to be careful with our thoughts, words and especially what we feel.

In order for us to see what we are building continously through our thoughts and emotions, you just have to notice for a moment what thoughts you have, which will turn into emotions even if you dont know it. You will surprise yourself by observing them, because at leat 90% of them are negative thoughts. THOUGHTS that prevent us from seeing reality, due to not being based on a present, but on a past and an uncertain future. Therefore, don´t letting us get out of that spiral that will cause us to be the creators of more of the same stuff....
The Universe is always changing, it´s in constant motion just like ourselves. The only thing that doesn´t change in this life is the CHANGE.

I invite you to stop for a minute, meditate and question yoursel: If I keep repeating the same stuff all over again, it´s due to creating the same and not knowing how to get out of there. Then, if thoughts are things, try to analyze what thoughts are not useful to you anymore, in order for you to star changing things about your everyday life.

Have an amazing day:-))

Love always,

Mónica xx

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Ayoola2 Premium
thanks for reiterating the gold nugget most of us are missing.
ElizabethRo2 Premium
Very good information Monica, we should be mindful of the way we think, stay in the positive with our changes going forward.

Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

Mondharma Premium
Exactly Elizabeth, we create our own reality...

Let allow ourselves to dreaming big!

Món xx