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I'm a member at Wealth Affiliate for over two years now. Searching for a legitmate and trustworthy platform to build and host my website was not an easy task. I read lots of reviews about other hosting platforms and I tested them myself, especially support, but I was not convinced. Help and support for me come first.Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate and I thought I'd try it out like I did with the others. I signed up for free, and what I discovered was not conventional stuff that you find el
Hi Everyone,I've been away from Wealthy Affiliate for more than a year and half now as I left Canada and moved to another country and took a while to settle down. My premium subscription was active all this time but haven't had the chance to visit WA except rarely. I'm glad I'm back.Although I did well in the WA training and the bootcamp before which helped me greatly in building my first ever website on my own but can't remember anything now as I was out of touch for so long. My fault but frus
March 08, 2016
Hello everyone,I received an e-mail from, for which I subscribed to their newsletters, about the upcoming WordPress version 4.5 which is expected to be released in the second week of April 2016. I'm NOT that of an expert but thought I'd share some information that could be of benefit.Below are some of the features in the new version however, advised that some may not make it into the final release.1) Theme Logo SupportWordPress 4.5 will add theme logo support to Wo
Need some advice here please.I received an e-mail from the above company ( notifying me of an expiration offer date of SEO registration. I don't recall getting such offers before and I don't know this e-mail address. I was asked to pay $64 for one year. Not sure if this is a scam or genuine.Should I ignore this? Appreciate some advice.Here is the text I got:Domain Name: Attn: Mona MassoudThis important expiration notification offer notifies you about
Since I can't create any training before I complete 3 months as a premium member, I thought I'd share a training here.I've been struggling for weeks to have the privacy policy as a link or a clickable featured image on the sidebar instead of a page on the main menu. Finally I figured it out.Each one of us has a plugin installed by default by WA called 'Exclude Pages from Navigation'. Create a page called Privacy Policy. Scroll down the page, and under Exclude Pages, uncheck 'include this page i
My article came on the first page of Google. How is that possible?. I started linking my blogs to my Google+, I started getting interactions but I really want visitors to my website too who are willing to leave comments and I'm still figuring out how to do that.I commented on so many people's blogs on WA and I asked for comments in return but haven't received any. The only time I received comments is when I used the comments with po
In Just a about two weeks, I've achieved what I wanted to achieve in years and always thought it was impossible since I know very basic knowledge about building a website and an online business. I don't have to ask anyone for favors anymore and I don't mean the WA community, I will continue to ask for favors of course :). I created an official website, finally it's mine !. I never thought I would do that ever but I did it. Although I was a very successful banker but I decided I don't want to wo
December 16, 2015
Hello,I created a new e-mail forward (forwarded it to my outlook) then I changed my mind, now I want to view my WA e-mails from my WA account. I deleted the new e-mail forward (by simply clicking the red delete button) and I created a new e-mail. I tested it but still all e-mails went to my outlook account. Where did I go wrong? Appreciate your help.Thanks,Mona