Masterclasses to Introduce WA and Earn Commissions

Last Update: June 01, 2020

Here's the video above

I'm putting together these Masterclasses where I create funnels, videos, and a sequence of webinars (within a week - for a reason), and invite people to try WA and other services I offer while I hold their hands and answer their questions in a Facebook group. I've been using my social media and Facebook Ads to create awareness.

How You Can Do It

You're welcome to copy my system. If you'd like to participate, the first webinar of this new series is tomorrow (Monday) at 11:00am (HST). I'll drop the link below if you'd like to sign up (and join my email list - for a reason), and see how I do everything. If the time is bad, sign up anyway and see the replay in the group.

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MMarcus Premium
It starts tomorrow. And I'm so excited my heart is beating fast
Wilde Premium Plus
That is neat. It seems like you put in a lot of work, way to go! Thank you for sharing!
MMarcus Premium
Cool brother. Yes, a lot of work. This whole quarantine almost
Miriammendo1 Premium
I'm interested in learning a lot more. I'll try to make it there
MMarcus Premium
It won't be here Miriam. You have to sign up on the link above. Sign up anyway if you can't make it on time. I'll post the replay on the Facebook Group