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Here's the video above I'm putting together these Masterclasses where I create funnels, videos, and a sequence of webinars (within a week - for a reason), and invite people to try WA and other services I offer while I hold their hands and answer their questions in a Facebook group. I've been using my social media and Facebook Ads to create awareness. How You Can Do ItYou're welcome to copy my system. If you'd like to participate, the first webinar of this new series is tomorrow (Monday) at 11:0
April 07, 2020
Got all the time in the world to do the smart thing and work on our blog
March 30, 2019
Hi guys, I'm still around. It's just that I've been so busy with the agency lately. But I haven't forgotten you. I never will! You know I'm thankful for everything you taught me, and that you're the reason why this has been possible. But anyway, here's what happened this past year:1) Decided to take a different route and help local businesses2) Soon I realized I had what it takes to call myself a full service digital marketing agency3) Started outsourcing a lot of the work. Today, I'm pretty mu
Hi guys, I just wanted to give you an update on my digital marketing agency and what I've been able to do so far to help local marketing busiensses. It's true local marketing is not the limit but I've realized these past few months that it's a great way to start. And yes, you must've heard we gotta start somewhere. I used Wealthy Affiliate to learn about digital marketing and start a marketing agency. And I do want to take my time here to let these guys (Kyle, Jay, Eric...) know that I'm very t
I'll be straightforward about it once again. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome! Building your website and generating residual income is awesome! As a starter, working hard to make that happen - not so awesome, but awesome! Now, if you're like me; you got a full time job that you don't like, you live pay check to pay check, or you don't even have a pay have the chance to make money very quickly by applying what you learn here and offering it as a service to small businesses (local or not
I'll just be straightforward. In just a week I have written 3 proposals to manage small local businesses sites. Two of them already have their sites so I don't need to use any of my 25 hosted websites I get with my premium membership. Only one of them wants me to build a site for her. Besides managing the sites, my services include supplying an email opt-in page as well as setting up an autoresponder, including SEO through writing of blogs (which I'm planning to outsource), editing videos, amon
Yesterday I searched in the forums here what to say about introducing my new site to my friends on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Instagram, no luck. So I came up with something that seemed to work. The most popular posts were on Facebook (70+ likes and 15+ comments), and Instagram (40 likes). Long story short, I got two referrals in less than 24 hours (My friends "Pazman" and "CaptScarbs" just signed up - say hi to them if you see them), and a few other people asking me about it. I either re
November 12, 2017
It's been two months at WA now. Loving everything about it. The support, the community (you guys)...As you can tell, I'm excited about what lies ahead. Although it hasn't been too long here, I can say I quite accomplished something. See some of my achievements below:Built niche siteGot it ranked at GoogleCompleted course 2Built bootcamp siteCompleted phase 2Ranked #170Got 500th followerBuilt personal siteGot yearly membershipThough my latest achievement is my FIRST REFERRALS. Got 4 of them alre
October 20, 2017
I’ve always dreamt of owning my own business. But I never knew where to start and how to do it. It’s true I had a few ideas but I couldn’t ever put together a business plan to action. Perhaps I was afraid to fail. You know, not everyone has that go getter attitude that many successful entrepreneurs do. So I stuck to office jobs and the traditional college system. Things have changed. I never gave up. I kept searching for the right opportunity. One that would give me the suppor
One of the things I enjoy the most in the community is the accomplishment badges and how they get you going to want more. It makes me feel even better to know there are many others I still got to reach. Will definitely throw a party when I have my first commission. Are you with me?