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Last Update: March 30, 2019

Hi guys, I'm still around. It's just that I've been so busy with the agency lately. But I haven't forgotten you. I never will! You know I'm thankful for everything you taught me, and that you're the reason why this has been possible.

But anyway, here's what happened this past year:

1) Decided to take a different route and help local businesses

2) Soon I realized I had what it takes to call myself a full service digital marketing agency

3) Started outsourcing a lot of the work. Today, I'm pretty much a project manager - not to mention HR person, sales trainer, QuickBooks expert, and account rep. But working on outsourcing all that soon too.

4) Ventured with a larger agency. Essentially, they saw what I was doing, bought my little agency, and made me the president of theirs. Still getting used to that title.

5) Went from prospecting door to door, to cold email, and now LinkedIn. Got almost 2000 business owners as contacts there. Look me up.

Based on my partner's experience in the indutry, we're currently working with a couple international government agencies to provide some of our services to them. Now, that's gonna be a great challenge!

Ok, just thought I owed you this update. Thanks Kyle and the crew, and the whole WA community. We'll never walk alone!


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kmer6 Premium
Awesome, Marcus! You really took the bull by the horns and ran with it. Very well done.Thank you for sharing. I'll PM you about your agency.
To Your Success.
where i pay my first month pls guide me.